You’re right Nike, just do it! By @karolinakezdi

By Karolina Kezdi


You’re right Nike, just do it!


I’m an older sister. When I was 14, I was obsessed with the desire to own a push-up bra. It was the number one gift on my birthday wishlist or on the letter for Santa Clause, but my Mom didn’t let me have it. After two years of constant begging and sleeping with a cut-out picture of the bra from a magazine under my pillow (that one is not true), at the age of 16 I finally got one. And my three years younger sister also got one. A PUSH-UP BRA!

Basically, this story describes my whole life. Like every first-born child, I had to work for it. Getting permission from my parents to watch the Big Brother or use contact lenses instead of glasses so I wouldn’t have to do it sneakily. Or blackmailing them; I will get an ugly dragon tattoo on my back if I’m not allowed to go to the Kings of Leon concert in Stuttgart instead of my boring graduation ceremony. I broke them in. After that, it was easy for my sister.


I’ve always wished to have someone, who beat a path to me, but surprisingly my parents didn’t make an older sibling for me, still today. Later I heard somewhere: “smart people learn from their own mistakes, wise people learn from others”. This truly redefined me. I started to listen to others, to their opinions, I asked for their advice before trying something new. Bit by bit it became my habit, a part of my personality. I remember clearly when I realised, I’m not fearless anymore.


I was skiing. I love skiing, I’m obsessed with the speed, the indescribable silence and the feeling of freedom. I’m skiing all week, but on that particular day, I braked just before a rapid slope and I had to ask myself, what will I lose if I break my neck right here? I’ve achieved great things already; a good job, good money, nice boys. What a waste of time and effort it would be to throw them all away now.


After this, I started to cut the risks. I played it safe, I was a coward, and the saddest thing I wasn’t even aware of how this changed me. This until last week, when I went to meet a friend’s friend’s friend, who works for an agency, to help me with my This is me video. I had just started showing him my ideas when a random guy threw a chair in his face, and proceeded to smashing my Macbook. Then, he ran away.

Losing 700 GBP was shocking enough to realise on the bus, that wouldn’t happen, if I didn’t have a compulsion for conformity. We are selling things, we have to find a way to make them sexy. Confidence is sexy. Creating stuff is sexy. Just doing is sexy. Now I’m sexy.


PS: I never wear a push-up bra.

PS2: If anyone has an unused laptop with Photoshop, think of me.

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