You’re the average of the people you spend time with. By @JacobDeFig

Jacob de Figueiredo

By Jacob de Figueiredo


You’re the average of the people you spend time with.


Hi friends,

I thought I’d do this SCAB about my true thoughts and feelings about my first term here at the greatest Ad school / place in the world  in the world. (‘Place’ may be a bit ambitious as I only really have Waitrose, Hemel Hempstead and Grey to compare it to, but we’ll run with it.) 

I’ll cut to the chase with this one, it’s probably been the most amazing and life changing 4 months of my life. There’s actually no competition, as I sit here in deep thought watching the world pass me by I’m desperately trying to think of any 4 months where I’ve ever been this happy. 

There’s just no competition. 

Most people reading this know how great our school is. Everyday is a completely new day, I’ve learned more here in 4 months than in my first 18 years of education by a country mile, but that isn’t what makes this place so special. 

It’s the people. 

Without a shadow of a doubt, the people I have the pleasure of travelling 2 hours every morning on a sweaty commute from the country side – 

little tangent here, but I feel it’s relevant, the other day I was commuting home to the shire. Myself and my fellow commuters were packed like sardines into the delayed london midlands service heading towards Northumbria, when some poor dude decided to throw up on the backs of myself and 3 of my peers, this caused the train to erupt in an orchestra of gagging and screaming as we all tried to break free from the situation but ended up traveling the 1hr 30 with vomit down our backs. – 

are some of the most amazing and life changing people I’ve ever met. 

I don’t want to get soppy with this, but I’m already in too deep. Throughout most of my life I’ve always felt like a bit of an outcast in terms of the way I’ve thought about stuff and my views on the world, they were always perceived by my mates as being weird and for a while, I just assumed that I wasn’t really born to operate correctly in this world. 

The most important thing I’ve learned this first term is how ridiculous it was for me to think that about myself. The people that surround me each day understand and appreciate the way that I think and I cannot thank every single person involved in making SCA the place it is for changing my life.

These people push me, challenge me, make me think differently, make me laugh, make me love every second of my existence.

I wake up every morning with a smile on my face. 

Can’t wait to be crushed in term 2, get ready for the scab on that and we can compare and contrast.

Thanks friends, you just keep doing you. 

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