You’re weird, I’m weird, let’s be weird together! By @iamvandale

Adeline Dechaud

By Adeline Dechaud


You’re weird, I’m weird, let’s be weird together!

I’ve never really liked school. Not because I didn’t like the idea of waking up to learn things, but mostly because I didn’t like the people I had to spend my time with during school. 
I’ve been bullied a lot because I was ginger (yes, that’s a thing in France).
But not only. People use to say that I was weird. They said I did weird things, I had weird thoughts, what I wore was weird…
I’ve basically always been a weirdo.
Even in my own family.
My brother is kind of proud of me being a weirdo now because he says I “assume” being a weirdo.
Even my dad accepts the fact that me being “different” doesn’t mean it’s wrong. “Maybe it’s because I’m too old fashioned but I still believe that you can do great things” he likes to say. Cheers Papa.
I don’t think I actually assumed being a weirdo since I moved in London and then decided to get into SCA if I have to be honest. I was just being myself, trying not to care about what people thought about me.
You know, when you have real friends around you, why bother about what the others think about you?
Today was my first day as an intake at SCA.
While listening to Marc talking all day and meeting my new classmates, it hit me right in the face. 
I’m not a weirdo anymore. 
Or maybe I am. But I’m surrounded by other weirdos. Different from my own weirdness but we’re basically a whole intake of weirdos, listening to and learning from the weirdest Dean you could think of, taught by a whole bunch of weird mentors, and we’re ready to do anything in our power to get into a world made and ruled by other weirdos.
For the first day of my life, I am grateful for being as weird as I am. I embrace it. Being weirdos in our own way will make us all stand out.
I might be the weirdo from the class of weirdos in the end, but I’ll still feel like home…
… For now.

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