1 down 294 to go – By @AlekLewin

1 down 294 to go 

First day of SCA? Completed it mate. 

Marc told us that we should use these SCABs for reflection but to be totally honest with you, my  brain is way too fried for that right now. I’m currently sat at my dining table eating cold leftover  spag bol while I try and get my head around day one. 

It seemed surreal when we were told it’s 295 days until portfolio day. In less than a year I’ll be  walking out of the cozy shipping container at POP and into the big wide world of agency life.  Thankfully, I already feel like I’m in good hands with Marc & the office crew and can’t wait to meet  the rest of the mentors that are along for the ride. 

It’s also been great to finally meet the other students. After reading so many posts here it’s been  amazing to finally put a face and voice to the name and the amount of talent in the room is insane.  It’s so refreshing to be in a room full of good ideas and commitment to creating good work. It’s  exciting to think that somewhere in that room is my creative partner in crime ready to tackle  whatever is thrown at us. 

I’m looking forward to seeing just how much I can grow not only as a creative, but also as a  person during my time at SCA. Learning how to take knocks, be humble in victory and gracious in  defeat, collecting skills and life lessons that will serve me well for years to come. 

After being furloughed for 6 months it’s quite a shock to the system going full throttle again. As we  were told today it’s all about ‘flow’ and maintaining our energy. I lost count of the amount of times  working hard was mentioned but somehow I’m sat here typing away mid mouthful with a smile on  my face. The work isn’t hard when you want to do it. 

1 bottle of overpriced beer knocked off the wall. 294 to go.

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