What I think of you – By @BeaaaBergman

Bea Bergman

By Bea Bergman


What I think of you

I realised the other day that I tend to always write these scabs about myself, never including anyone from coup in my thoughts.
This is actually something that I find really weird, because I think I have at least one thought every day about every person in our intake. It might just be a second in a train of thoughts, but every day, if only for a second, every person in coup gets to be the guest star in my brain.
So for this scab I’m going to write to and about you, lovely/horrible/[insert word] people of coup.

Obviously by now, we all have opinions about each other, but I think majority of us have no clue what some of us think of each other. Some of us probably have an idea what the people we spend more time with think about us. But still in a room of 34 people, it’s hard to know.
Perhaps it’s not, for some of you, at all in your interest what people think about you. But I’d like to think that every one, every now and then, gets a little bit curious about what goes on in the brains of others, especially what goes on when you’re the guest star in a train of someone else’s thoughts.

We have been told to write down 3 people we’d like to partner up with, and it’s been said that Marc will aim to match us up with people who have written each others names.
I guess that many of you have had the same feeling as I, what if no one writes my name? What if I think that someone wants to work with me, but really they rather work with three other people. What if I’m number 4, or worse, what if I’m number 33 on their lists.

Some of you probably already had ‘the talk’, you monogamous bastards. And know exactly who you will end up with.

Some of you have probably not said the magic words just yet, but you still know deep inside. Some of you are probably getting it on with multiple partners, and have a range of people that you can get equally satisfied with.
Some of you might have a vague feeling who you might end up with, but are still slightly nervous. Some of you might be close to a panic attack and spends your evenings drinking red wine singing: ‘all by myself, don’t want to be, all by myself’.
I’m not I the last group….promise..

No matter what group you find yourself to be in, no matter if you will write my name on your list or not, I will tell each and everyone of you, one sentence/random words, that sums up my thoughts about you.
I’m apologising in advance if any of these sentences come across as a bit odd. I’m more than happy to explain your sentence if you wish. But for now, this is all you get.

So in alphabetical order coup, this is some of my thought of you:

Adriano – Swiss chocolate in my face, Christina and I own a beer
Alex – troll hunter, feeling of accomplishment and of course size matters
Alicia – angry sunflowers with super powers
Angus – no budget popcorn with a shoe on fire
Becci – girl power, heart of gold and a dragon
Ben G – kleptomania beer and life in the 50’s
Ben T – allergy free wheel chair animals that makes your girlfriend look like a super model Blaz – babble fish and saving the world with fruit
Chloe – last fag, beautiful mugs and ginger babies
Dennis – drunk crockery and lederhosen
Drew – cumin or doing something else
Ethan – green fart clouds
Frederica – naked women Italian art school style
Katy – dominatrix in a sparkling jump suit reading the gleaner.
Larry – gay porn, angry old men and girly drinks
Laura – sober smiley faces with interesting opinions
Matt B – girlfriends in windows
Matt K – chickpeas cats coffee and ketchup

Nadia – early mornings in a different universe
Nick K – old people who don’t get sarcasm
Nick L – danish people and boxes on Trafalgar Square Nihal – homeless dead babies on cardboard
Nunu – life coaching lost in translation cocoa puffs Orla – sending large pants to mentors
Owen – cheeky rodents and fish fucking
Ranj – dictators updated with something about my life Rhiannon – blow jobs for real jobs and promotions Sam – lies about sensual Friday nights with Tom Jones Seb – a penis on a sanitary towel
Suki – tasty pizzas
Tomasz – diy ninja projects
Tristan – self harming advertising
Zac – nymphomania and the way you say Nunu

There you go, now you know.
I lost all my chances of ending up on any of your lists.

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