Thoughts on my first week.

I still don’t have a clue how to explain to my friends on the outside what goes on behind these corrugated walls.

What I can tell them is that I have never felt so intellectually stimulated, challenged and curious in as long as I can remember. I feel I am opening up synaptic avenues I’ve never explored.

I am humbled by my awareness of how much I have to learn but simultaneously invigorated by the notion of my creative potential – pushed to it’s outer limits. The last week has been challenging, but also the most fun I’ve had in years.

Being amongst other creatives is refreshing in a way that I never knew I needed. To leave a poetry workshop and have such an abundance to share with other people who are as passionately effected by it as you, is something I have never had before.

Even though there is great diversity in our student body, both in background and in skills, I feel a certain shared experience that unites us. That of right brained people living in a left brained world.

In our lives outside we may have been applauded for our work but we also may never have been truly appreciated or pushed. We also may never have had the opportunity to be in competition with other creatives. Of course this is a double edged sword.

Before this, I never thought of myself as competitive at all, but here i feel competition quickly becoming the fuel in my engine. My peers had different talents to me – and I to them – so I never felt I had to defend anything. It is a new experience for me to work alongside people who are doing what I do but better.

Sometimes it can be a hard pill to swallow but it is a privilege to have so many great minds to learn from. It is an experience that is as humbling as it is exhilarating


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