How I feel about full stops – By @dj_sbex

By Sophie Becker 


How I feel about full stops


In this SCAB I hope to convey exactly how I feel about full stops because in my humble and also very brilliant opinion full stops are exactly like moderation it’s a nice idea but in actual fact I’d rather live my life without it because when I want to eat seventeen jars of pickles in one sitting or listen to the same song on repeat everyday for a year why the hell shouldn’t I it’s my life and while moderation is a nice concept and idea and I know the more conservative in the world would definitely welcome it with warm arms I truly hate it and everything is represents in fact I hate things ending at all just like this year at SCA and my overdraft so therefore I refuse to use full stops unless completely and one hundred percent necessary you see I think full stops are a stylistic choice and sometimes takeaway from the impact and meaning of a headline and strapline so if I keep my lack of them consistent and the message isn’t lost then what the hell is the harm in not using a full stop do tell me because when I write a sentence it better be so bloody brilliant that no one should ever want it to end they should want to read it forever and ever and let it linger on their lips and repeat over and over in their mind until it infiltrates their every waking thought and that darn cluster of words is all they can think about so really when you think about it this way only the weak would use a full stop or I suppose you could also be a dictator telling other people what to do and what to think and when to stop reading which again is a pretty weird way to live your life and actually if you think about it you can be pretty sure that Donald Trump and Harvey Weinstein and maybe even Judas used a full stop or two in their life and even though Beyonce probably has got on the fullstops too it’s a risk I’m just not willing to take because quite honestly I’ve got through the last 370 words with minimal trauma or pain and before this SCAB I might have used a lot of them with maximum suffering and tears and existential crises so actually my new motto for life is never use full stops both literally and metaphorically speaking because nothing is forever and nothing ever needs to be final if you don’t let it so actually things ending don’t need to hurt because nothing in life is ever a final good bye if you don’t perceive it as that it’s just one continuous gelatinous ball of experiences and people that all interlink and affect one another and just because things change doesn’t mean they’re gone or over and sometimes you just have to enjoy what’s right in front of you in that moment without thinking about when or how it’s going to end so next time before you use a full stop please think again about how you want to live your life I certainly know how I want to live mine

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