An Absolut Analysis – By @RichSamson6

An Absolut Analysis

In this weeks SCAB I’ve chosen to describe adds for an alcohol brand that have been able to advertise their products for years. I’ve chosen to focus on those that followed the rules and law, managing to create prints that are stunning to look at.

The most popular part of Absolut Vodka campaign is the location ads. These ads are series of city-specified ads.

The Idea

The bottles are made up from lots of different elements. It can be seen as communicating all the pleasures that food can offer. Of course the image of the bottle still holds its central position with a very subtle shape, in the form of shrimps and sauce as the cap.

The Positioning 

The creatives are playing with the popular image of Las Vegas and showing that the city has more to offer than just being the Casino City. The composition and the medium represent the closeness it can have with the consumers of this product.

The caption “Absolut Las Vegas” highlights a redeeming feature of a city. This city is all about excess and that extends to shrimps (an exotic food) which most likely invokes an elitist attitude.

The Composition

The focus on the shrimps with vodka emphasise the fact that mature drinkers always have something to nibble on with a drink, so this visual makes sense. Vodka is also famous to spice up the food so the image is justified in advertising it as a flavour enhancer for this dish.

This ad maintains the same composition and position as the others. But socially it has a different significance. It is not just about Oslo being a cold city; it signifies the event of Winter Olympics and position of Oslo in holding the winter sports.

This ad has the combination of various elements with the shape of guitar as central figure and bottle can be subtly seen under the chords. The caption “Absolut Madrid” shows the music and festivities associated with the city, thus making it a highly coded cultural ad.

The “Absolut London” constructs a balance of power between represented and interactive participants. Additionally, the “bobby” next to the door shows the sense of security rather than power and dominance. The shot represents an average day, so we feel attracted to the realism of this add.

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