Adventure playground – By @charl_49

By Charlotte Allard


Adventure playground


Life is an adventure. Day after day you discover a bit more about you and people who are around you. You even know famous name because they did an extraordinary adventure in their life and became famous for this. Every person has a goal to achieve. Some of us are just more ambitious.


Heroes or criminals, deserters or loyalists, winners or runners-up, we all know stories that are building our culture and history. Bad or good memories. Each year, each country have bank holidays to remember them wars, armistice, religious times and so on. We celebrate it to greet on merit, remember and move forward without doing the same mistake than our fathers. These moments of sharing allow us to create our own adventure and create example for the next generation. Even if every single generation is worried and quite critical about the next one, we tend to learn from before to bring something better in the every day life.


In the advertising industry, each artistic director try to communicate an idea using your beliefs, memories and cultural knowledge to show you your need or connection with the product or the service that they are trying to make visible.

It’s also what an entrepreneur does when he’s bringing a new product on the market. He though a big part of his life about make his life easier following an adventure. Does difficulties make you more creative?

I assume that a large part of useful inventive things had been created and sold thanks to a bouncy story.

Reality TV shows are regrouping human reaction facing challenges. The production role is to create difficult situations and see how candidates can react. If you think about it, reality shows are based on adventure that everybody crossing in their life: love, disappointments, treason, friendship, party and games. Does it make the candidate more creative?

At the end, an adventure will always put you in playful childhood mood and remind you memories. I guess that creativity is simply a result of all the experience you achieve in your life. Adventure is building you and make you weak or strong, sheep or master in something. And once again, every one of us is having his own goals and life decide if your adventure will be easy or not.


There is a quote who said “when health goes, everything goes”; I think that we can also grow-up from a health problem. Most of people working in medical industry had live an adventure in link with death or illness. They need to feel helpful in a domain where they couldn’t do anything for a close friend or family member in the past. Determinate the job of someone is one of the first question you ask to discover a new person. And it’s also what you need to fill when you are getting married, when you apply for a loan and so on.


Your adventure background is saying a lot about you. This it what push you to take one particular destination. And the most important is to keep going and affront all experiences that life will bring to you.


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