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By @zochi9


Do you ever feel like whatever you try to avoid seems to silently stalk you and without warning, you seem to walk straight into its trap? No matter how much I try, I always manage to get myself into uncomfortable situations-through my own doing. I don’t know whether there’s a higher force at work or maybe it’s my own subconscious leading me into the places I dislike in an effort to help myself become stronger – it’s more likely to be the latter.


I am an introvert (obviously) and prefer to spend a lot of time alone, observing and listening rather than talking. Social situations tend to drain me and I need to re energise by being on my own for a while. It’s kind of difficult to express this when it feels like living in a world that seems to be powered by extroverts. I love to socialise but in much smaller doses. Ironically, I’ve chosen the path of ‘communications’… I honestly really confuse myself sometimes. But despite the internal battles I have within myself, the need to create and share ideas is stronger and this is what continues to push me into unnatural territory beyond my comfort zone. I think that going after what you love will always come with attachments that you’re not necessarily fond of, but you have to embrace it, find your own balance and work with it.


So maybe the thing you try your best to avoid is the thing that you need to face and in a twisted way you end up pursuing the thing you dread most – well at least for me anyway. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. 🙂

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