Confessions – By @gabygrant_


When writing these SCABs there is a part of me that wonders if anyone actually reads them? 

My parents proof read them. Amy (our studio assistant) has to read them. I know that the odd prospective student might read one or two, thinking it might give them an insight into what SCA is all about, which I guess it does. But I do wonder if anyone REALLY reads them? 

With the suspicion that no one really does, I feel that it gives me freedom to truly write whatever I want. I could share my deepest darkest secrets. I could share my friends and family’s deepest darkest secrets. I could write about my sexual fantasies, my unspoken desires. I could address a love letter to a secret someone and no one would really have a clue. But is that a risk I am willing to take? Should I really expose myself knowing that perhaps I might not get a job or lose some friends off the back of my confessions? 

Well, I am definitely not worried about the job aspect because if they didn’t want to hire me off the back of some harmless confessions then they certainly wouldn’t want to hire me after seeing my tits plastered all over my art work or the dildo I made of my own body. 

Just to be on the safe side, I am almost 100% sure that no one reads the middle of each blog post so that is where I am going to put all my juiciest information. 

So… where to begin. Should I tell the story of that time on the bench with those boys…? Or maybe that time in that hotel? What about that time my brother did that in that place that got us in trouble? No, no, I will start with the story of that time I typed in that thing on the internet when I was 13 that made me do that thing with that hair brush that made my Mum angry…. Hmmmmm, so many good stories, I am not sure which one to tell. 

Maybe I will start with one that’s a little tamer. Put my theory to the test. If I get some angry messages in the morning, I will know not to share anymore. 

When I was 18, I went to a club called Egg in Kings Cross. I went with my best friends called Lolly and her boyfriend Ben. The club was basically empty and the music was really bad. We had nothing better to do and had already paid entry so we decided to stay and get really drunk. We met some older women and befriended them in the smoking area. Here is a photo of me and one of those women. 

At one point in the evening, we went to the loo. As you do, I went into the same cubicle with Lolly for moral support and just in case I was drunk enough to fall off the loo. While I was doing a wee and singing ‘Bad bitches is the only thing that I like’, Lolly took a picture of……….  Oh shit I have reached the word limit, I guess I will have to finish the story in my next blog. 

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