Seeing Patterns Where Others See Chaos, by @JezzaFonteneau

Jérémy Fonteneau






By Jeremy Fonteneau


How to be more original? There are an infinite amount of answer, and I’m not here to claim that mine is better than any other. In fact, it’s even not mine, it’s just one way to go. And for being better at it, we need to try more these 3 followings things.

Be more curious! Everybody is. That’s why some of you will read this SCAB. That’s also why some others will have a look at the 3rd page of the Sun and that’s probably why they will turn the page to the next one. When I was a kid, I remember being too curious. Used to ask why was so easily, in fact I was not even thinking about it. I was just doing it. Why did I lost that? Growing up I suppose. Why do I growing up? It’s how life works. Why does life work like that? … What if it was the opposite? Here it is, that’s maybe how Francis Scott Fitzgerald had the idea for his novel « The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ». 3 why, just by being curious like a child would be.

Be objective! I know, that sounds weird for our creative industry. But if you go into a brief or a situation with deeply held pre-conceived ideas about what you’ll find, it’s unlikely that you’ll see anything new. The key to being objective is to cultivate the skill of being a fair witness, and to do that, a mentor told us to use our « is it shit? hat ». In other words, check your own self-talk to see whether what you’re saying to yourself about a situation is neutral and accurate. If not, just change it!

Put things into perspective. Once you’ve gotten curious and put yourself into an objective mindset, you have to step back mentally from a situation so that you can see the whole: that’s when patterns emerge. That’s when connections are obvious and where your work smells good, not right, just good. Then you need to push it, but this is a whole new SCAB.

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