Social purpose. By Max Lom Bor

By Max Lom-Bor



Social purpose.

Social purpose. What else is there? We can all sell biscuits, some of us can do it really damn well. But what’s the purpose?

As a human, amongst other humans, living on a floating rock with death as an inevitability, I’ve uncovered my purpose. Finally. 

This year has taught me who I am. I care about others. Very much. I’m empathetic. I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I was born lucky, and this made me feel guilty. I want to spend the rest of my life giving back, and using my creativity to strike a balance in my world. I want to drive the betterment of humanity. Do people need more? No. Absolutely not. But they said in the 1920’s “everything to be invented has been invented”. And look where we are now. So consumer capitalism will continue to rise, and I’m going to work with the developing times, in my own way. My partner and I believe in social change, we believe that brands and corps can galvanise communities, spread important messages, and create real change in the world. We believe there is an opportunity for ad agencies to become Robin Hood’s of brand building, in a mutually beneficial way. The brand looks good, does good, so everyone but into their good. 

We believe in the power of technology. It’s a religion. We are clued up on what’s coming out, the global implications that has, and the future positive impact that tech can achieve. We want our work to preach the ideology of Global Goals. We sat on a rooftop in Cannes together, the mecca of socialite evils and listened to genius preaching for good. It was life affirming. 

Richard Curtis awarded as lionheart of Cannes spoke of Year Two plans for ideas. He asked why an idea had to stop after it received an award. A true philanthropist, a truly good heart. Why wasn’t that award recognised, then realised? Where did the work go? Why does the 2 minute video house the genius rather than support the 20 years of positive change that idea could create? He called on his community and the many famous faces present to fight for right. To push ideas into reality, to invade culture. 

TV adverts are superb. The great ones always changed my thinking, evoked genuine emotion in me. Made me tingle, cry, laugh and think. But we have so much media to explore in this industry. We can channel new channels. We can discover new media. An idea no longer lives on paper. It lives when it impacts. It lives in the future.

All the thinking in the present must consider the cultural shifts of our times. The trends, wants and needs of our consumer, our fellow humans can be shaped by our ideals. 

Be the change you want to see in the world.

That quote finally hit home. 

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