178 days to go… By @shein_dean

By Dean Shein


178 days to go…

There comes a moment during the race when you glance at the field for just 1 thousandth of a second. You look around. Quickly falling behind. It’s time to make a decision. You’re only just warming up…  

CLXXVIII – Because I am weird.

CLXXVII – Because they told me not to.

CLXXVI – Because I haven’t written in my diary.

CLXXV – Because I haven’t run in a few days. 

CLXXIV – Because I did a botch job over the Christmas break.

CLXXIII – Because I was inspired tonight at D&AD.

CLXXII – Because Peter Souter galvanised me. He made everything clear.

CLXXI – Because I’m buying my note taking iPad tomorrow… for real.

CLXX – Because Karolina bought me an IKIGAI book.

CLXIX – Because I didn’t pick my desk up.

CLXVIII – Because I put my cheese in the freezer.

CLXVII – Because Pete stayed late with me the other night.

CLXVI – Because it’s all starting to make sense.

CLXV – Because if you don’t grunt, you haven’t tried.

CLXIV – Because weekends are for this revolutionary thing called ‘relaxing’.

CLXIII – Because if you trust in Marc’s system, the results will come.

CLXII – Because silence is golden.

CLXI – Because if I don’t make the most of my remaining days, I’ll leave with regret.

CLX – Because my biggest strength is also my weakness.

CLIX – Because I’m doing what I want for me. But I still haven’t fully committed to myself.

CLVIII – Because of what Marc did for Gnome & what Gnome did for Marc.

CLVII – Because this will be over faster than you can say ‘fluorescent guacamole’.

CLVI – Because Mike is proof that you can still make it and be a family man.

CLV –  Because Chris is a true linguistic craftsman.

CLIV – Because Brixton has given me the Soul Bug.

CLIII – Because we all have so much creativity bottled up and SCA arms you with a water gun.

CLII – Because its 12:22am and this was due 2 hours and 22 minutes ago.

CLI – Because I’m doing a lot of self-reflection & it’s getting to me.

CL – Because it started snowing today.

CXLIX – Because Dave Trott will come in!

CXLVIII –  Because I need to adopt an athletic approach. Robin you were right.

CXLVII – Because it’s important to meditate but we don’t have time to live in the past.

CXLVI – Because I was living in fantasyland. I don’t want to go to Copenhagen anymore.

CXLV – Because music has been my solace & yet I still can’t DJ.

CXLIV – Because my Bonsai tree is breathing…

CXLIII – Because Palats by Baba Stiltz is playing as I write this.

CXLII – Because it is what you do while everyone sleeps.

CXLI –  Because we lament on a Friday afternoon about ‘reading till our eyes bleed’. Yet, you will find us at the Pub shortly after…

CXL – Because Marc believed in me from the beginning and I’ve let myself down thus far.

CXXXIX – Because I got distracted while writing this.

CXXXVIII – Because I gave my D&AD bible away at the bus stop tonight.

CXXXVII – Because Tottenham clinched it at the death.

CXXXVI – Because Stan & Sue took me for Sushi.         

CXXXV – Because I did more from September 2018 till late December, then I had done the entire year.

CXXXIV – Because Patxi & I royally fucked up the Nando’s brief… But we redeemed ourselves with Gale’s Honey.

CXXXIII – Because Lauren & I went to Deptford markets and then for Coffee.

CXXXII – Because of pomegranate in my Lebanese Salad.

CXXXI – Because Ruby gave me a radio shot.

CXXX – Because DJ was disillusioned and he had every right to be…

CXXIX – Because If you don’t try how will you ever know?

CXXVIII – Because I’m still burning the candle at both ends.

CXXVII – Because I’m finally doing some spring cleaning. But there’s still more to be done…

CXXVI –  Because we’re all misfits!

CXXV – Because you shouldn’t think too much…

CXXIV – Because it is our job to sell poetry like it’s maths. 

CXXIII – Because of Mirriam.

CXXII – Because if we absorb culture it seeps into our work.

CXXI – Because I can do this. But I need a pencil as confirmation.

CXX – Because we want food, cause we bloody well paid for it.

CXIX – Because Lauren’s favourite colour is green.

CXVIII – Because we have mice in our home.

CXVII – Because I flooded the shower and Leli was pissed.

CXVI – Because Sophie potentially wants a foot massage.

CXV – Because it was Jacob’s birthday today & I need to get him a present.

CXIV – Because Joe gets it.

CXIII – Because we must surrender to be the defender.

CXII – Because resilience is key.

CXI –  Because I need to make more Topicals.

CX – Because we feel like we’re never doing enough.

CIX – Because Andy’s wife was right.

CVIII – Because Peter jumped on Toms Back.

CVII – Because we need a bit of wackiness.

CVI – Because we should walk to school backwards.

CV –  Because maybe we should take our own advice before being messengers.

CIV – Because I sound bare British.

CIII –  Because the Daily Male is the McDonald’s of News. There’s a Happy Meal in all of us.

CII – Because Love is the key & sex is the answer.

CI – Because the reggae was sweet but the night was sour.

C – Because I don’t want to… SAY IT AGAIN. NO!

XCIX – Because you gotta get into a rhythm.

XCVIII – Because ‘We Buzz as One.’

XCVII – Because you need to go through the process… again & again.

XCVI –  Because making an advert is like the SpongeBob creative technique video.

XCV – Til infinity.

XCIV – The year the heavens aligned for me.

XCIII – Because this is my first time trying Cheesy Puff Crust.

XCII –  Because it takes a village to raise a child.         

XCI – Because of the crazy looks you get.

XC – Because I’m not settled yet…

LXXXIX – Because we’re just about halfway.

LXXXVIII – The symmetry is uncanny.

LXXXVII – Because Marc thinks one of us can win a noble prize… He’s not crazy!

LXXXVI – Because in order for us to shout we need to HUSH.

LXXXV – Because I’m still making friends and getting to know my fellow alumni.

LXXXIV – Because trust is key & sleep is vital.

LXXXIII – Because once you are in flow… there’s no turning back.

LXXXII – Because everyone needs a bit of tunnel vision.

LXXXI –  Because it’s time to Get Angry!

LXXX – Because books don’t get you hired. Personalities, books & passion projects get you a job.

LXXIX – Because we sell stories.

LXXVIII –  Because as Roald Dahl elucidated… we are all just tall children.

LXXVII – Because that Martian man / Blackcurrant boy was a creative genius. What was his name?

LXXVI – Because never for a second should we not be grateful for where we are and the job we shall pursue…

LXXV – Because I’m up and about!

LXXIV – Because the original ‘Big Feta’ tried to start a lawsuit with Patxi the video man.

LXXIII – Because we are situated in a renovated discothèque.

LXXII – Because that last sentence reminded me of Marc’s crappy Lithuanian sound system.

LXXI – Because Tarun must be asleep by now…

LXX – Because I haven’t shocked Marc in a while.

LXIX – Hmmm

LXVIII – Because I don’t get the Wavemaker Evian brief.

LXVII – A road I use to sleep at.

LXVI – Because it’s the year England became ENGLAND!

LXV –  Home.

LXIV –  Because of Nintendo’s best ever.

LXIII – Because I forgot to mention the first home at 130… But I’m writing it here.

LXII – Keep it simple Sweetie. (KISS) A lesson from year 4.

LXI –  Because the clock is ticking.

LX – Because we need to lead the dance…

LIX – Because you really need to take a closer look, Forrest.

LVIII – Because if it is to be… it’s up to me.

LVII – Because Antonio makes a sublime Linguine.

LVI –  Because the final stretch isn’t near yet. But it will be near soon.

LV – Because we need to scare ourselves.

LIV –  Because House music will never die.

LIII – Because it’s time for us to Arise.

LII – Because the energy is becoming palpable.

LI – Because we are all social animals, ebbing and flowing.

L – Because once you realise you can manipulate the masses, the world is your Lobster.

XLIX – Because I think laterally, therefore I am.

XLVIII – Because nothing will stop me.

XLVII – Because it’s all in your head.

XLVI – Because I have to challenge within the limits.

XLV – Because reflections are not meant to be done on Friday afternoon.

XLIV – Because Tea & Beats with DJ is therapeutic.

XLIII – Because If you think you know me… You don’t know Didley.

XLII – Because we must get into ‘playful child’ state.

XLI – Because supermarkets are bizarre, industrial and edible toy stores.  

XL – Because we are meeting on Monday, Marc.

XXXIX – Because as a child this number was always the one no one knew for ‘3 timetables.’

XXXVIII – Because we need to dig deeper.

XXXVII – Because we actually are improving.

XXXVI – Because we are all radical about our opinions.

XXXV – Because we are not unbending.

XXXIV – Because we are starting to annoy each other.

XXXIII – Because Marc wouldn’t cough up 68 Quid and send Andy & I to Jersey.

XXXII – Because this big beat is the sound and we zig zag in a perpetual motion.

XXXI – Because Brutalism is the architectural Techno.

XXX – Because come August, myself and a partner will be working at an advertising agency.

XXIX – Because purple chords are the only way to go.

XXVIII – Because we are creatures of habit.

XXVII – Because they said it couldn’t be done.

XXVI – Because it’s a game of two halves.

XXV – Because I do miss my dog Billy.

XXIV –  Because it’s taken me these amount of years to have some important realisations.

XXIII – Because when all is said and done, what do you want to be remembered for?

XXII – Because we always need to put ourselves into our work.

XXI – Because yesterday we said tomorrow.

XX – Because Alex Taylor eats a Frog for breakfast, every day.

XIX – Because our SMP’s need to be super tight.

XVIII –  Because we need to observe human behaviour.

XVII – Because we are the Viagra of capitalism.

XVI – Because we need to get in early for mindfulness!

XV – Because everyone has a crap day.

XIV – Because the singularity is coming…

XIII – Because we need to give a little more every fucking day.

XII – Because we need to remember that it’s only advertising.

XI – Because we are good… But we need to be great.

X – Because hard work beats talent.

IX – Because hard working talent may just be unstoppable.

VIII – Because I surrounded myself with Eddie Izzard on the train. Tonight. Literally.

VII – Because if my Mum & Dad don’t deserve Chivas Regal, who does?

VI – Because if you’re still reading this… I commend you.

V – Because I’ve never achieved my potential.

IV – Because I should let my work do the talking…

III – Because this might just be what I was born to do.

II – Because I need some serious One on One time with my Sharpie.
I – Because I’m only just getting started…



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