My Littlest Nephews – By @cocoabutler_

Matt Butler

By Matt Butler


My Littlest Nephews


My nephew turned 10 over the Christmas holidays, which was a great excuse for more of the family to come together. One of the best things was spending time with my two youngest nephews who are a year and a half and two and a half. They’re real bundles of joy, when they’re not crying at least. And after letting them run wild and free, I watched them and noticed a few things:

-Impersonation is not a game, it’s a way of life.

-Toddler’s shoes are essentially made of sponge. I’d love a cool pair of shoes made of sponge…there’s a mess in there somewhere…

-Kids are top-heavy, so when they fall, their heads are the first things to get injured

-My voice is more soothing than a blanket and a bottle of warm milk

-Everything is interesting. You just need to be curious enough to see it.

-Kids really are little versions of their parents

-Balloons are probably one of the best presents you can give. (Word to Carl Fredricksen!)

-Toddlers are smarter than most of my friends

-If you’re small and cute, you can easily get away with hitting people in the face and taking their glasses from the comfort of your pram. Kids can be cruel.

By the way, I’m a good uncle, I promise!

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