Passion Project – By @lemacadesyeux

Zac Mehdid

By Zac Mehdid


Passion Project


This summer, we’ve been asked to complete a passion project. This passion project was supposed to be about something that we love, and to be true to ourselves. Earlier during the year, I entered the SCA scholarship. I made 99 Vines, and put them together into a story with a 2-minute film. Although it was my first time, the whole process of making a film was amazing. Life changing.

I’ve always been into photography, and loved taking photographs, but something was missing. I enjoyed taking them more than the result; there is nothing like the sound and feeling of a 1975 Nikomat FT2 Japanese edition’s shutter. Filmmaking was different. I loved the process of creating and telling stories through words and moving images.

It’s like creating your own world, in which you express your fantasies, your beliefs, your opinion.

For my scholarship entry, I enjoyed producing a lot of content in a short amount of time – there was always something to do. Therefore, for my passion project I made 1 short film per week – x6 (for the 6-week holidays)= 6 short films. Being a poor student, I made each one with £0 budget. One of the films: “M”, a short film about a mother-son relationship


M from Zac Mehdid on Vimeo.

Since I came to SCA, I haven’t had much time making films and telling stories of my own, and I started to forget how much I enjoyed it. Hence, storytelling is going to be my new passion project. But this time, I will do it through words only.

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