SCA playlist: 8 weeks in 8 sounds  – By @DJayDancer1

By Daniel Johnson



SCA playlist: 8 weeks in 8 sounds 

week 1 – Disorientation in a new world

week 2- Bitting space dust

week 3- X among 0’s

week 4- Pride or despair?


Week 5- Regroup

Week 6- Moving Inertia 

Week 7-March Forward

Week 8- Meditations with action, Action with meditations.

Going Deeper

Most people don’t take the time to check in on how they feel.

Our minds voice races and raises above all other sensation.


It commands the forefront of our awareness everyday. 

Our internal dialogue whispers, convinces and screams the ‘’best’’ and ‘’worst’’ of our experiences in life on repeat.

Rarely do we take the time to drop our awareness into our breath…

More rarely still do we take our breath and awareness into the body. To feel, to experience what’s going on down there.

We treat the body as an emotional dumpster. Anything that isn’t convenient to feel goes into our emotion bin, the body. 

Now I’m no therapist, although i don’t mind if you want to call me Dr. DJ…

You know what, I think I’m going to have to insist you call me Dr. DJ now. Shit that’s brilliant.


Dr. DJ knows that KNOWS that living more in the body, more in the moment plays a major role in how pleasant our experience of life is.. 

And music can prove a consistent guide into the body. 

So right now, YES, THATS RIIIIIIGHT, F****** NOW!!  Dr. DJ is prescribing a little journey into the body:

Part 1: 

-4 deep breaths

-Followed by 1 minute of silence (focus your attention on the different sensations in your body, how does it feel to be you… Just feel, don’t think, don’t judge, don’t interpret) 

Part 2:

This time were going to keep our awareness in the body while we play some music. The music now will act as a stimulant helping you to feel.

Again pay attention to any sensations or feelings you get in your body. 

Pay attention to how the music makes you want to move or not.

Try to listen to all the layers, all the sounds. The more closely you listen the easier it will be to feel…

Try to hear things you wouldn’t normally realise and alternate between taking your awareness deeper into the music and deeper into your body.

Enjoy the playlist provided above. Each song sumises how that week at SCA felt for me. 


Dr.Dj ✌

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