Good Will Hunting – By @kylejforeman

Kyle Foreman

By Kyle Foreman


Good Will Hunting


When I feel under pressure I watch Good Will Hunting.


I saved specific scenes on my laptop and re-watch them when I’m feeling down, stressed or out of place.


When I first watched the film, it stuck in my head for weeks. Like all good films. I was constantly trying to analyse every scene.


I became obsessed with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck and their journey from writing the story to starring as the main characters and making it with Miramax.


I’m kind of questioning whether writing my scab about this was a good idea. But I’ve started now.


When Matt and Ben (I feel like I can use first names) wrote the screenplay and were trying to get it made, they hid a sex scene between Matt’s character and Robin William’s character half way through. It acted as a trap to see which production companies had read their script.


Nobody brought it up. Except Harvey Weinstein.


The way Matt Damon and Ben Affleck approached the impossible is something I think we should all take away from Good Will Hunting.


Especially after Nathalie Gordon’s masterclass entitled “Don’t dream do.” There is a time with all ideas when the pace slows down and we all know it’s time to make it happen, but usually we ignore it, make up an excuse or worse just let it die and I think the opportunities at SCA are all there for us to make it happen. 


So lets be more Good Will Hunting.


“How do you like them apples?”










It’s not for the story, or the entertainment, even though it is a brilliant film. I watch it for the story behind the film. How it was made, the journey that was taken and the passion that makes this such an inspiring story.


It all starts with Matt Damon, he was studying at Harvard University when he took a script writing class. His assignment was to write the first page of a screen play.


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