Wouldn’t it be awesome if… – By @DJayDancer1

By Daniel Johnson


Wouldn’t it be awesome if…


  • I could eat a pill that would taste like anything i wanted (so I wouldn’t have to cook or worry about nutrition).


  • I could change the size of any object (so i could put my damn portfolio in my wallet instead of carry it on public transport).


  • I could crowd fund for my education.


  • People could invest in my education and i could pay back at rates better than the bank.


  • There was a new education modelled around self direction, choosing mentors and real life experience.


  • I could see in the dark like Riddick.


  • I knew martial arts.


  • Kids who were bullied could learn self defence in schools.


  • There was a group or website where artists of different backgrounds could collaborate just for fun.


  • There was more spaces for artists to create and learn (Studio prices in London suck).


  • I weren’t addicted to the internet.


  • I wasn’t so forgetful


  • There was an app that could monitor your neurological functioning (happiness, focus, calm, flow state ect) and recommend different daily practices to suit your needs.


  • I could use technology to talk to people without the use of my hands or speech. Just mind to mind.


  • We could collect data on macro behaviours of neighbourhoods to predict crimes, evaluate levels of happiness and consciousness in areas to more efficiently deploy government resources for crime prevention and social aid (This probably exists?).


  • Clean water could be sent to remote places via drone.


  • We could decentralised authority and governments.


  • People were more self aware.


  • The internet incentivised actual value not perceived value. (so many gurus, so many opinions, so many fake followers). No real measure of truth in the system. Your reviews, your fans, your photos… All of it can be faked.


  • Education was based on experimentation, experience, production of value and demand. Not on qualification level.


  • People took the time out from education to figure out what they actually enjoy.


  • You could get personalised diet plans.


  • You could turn you dreams brain waves into art.


  • Video editors could share project files and edits in one place.


  • I could filter and manipulate my social media feeds. To have everything centralised into one place and filtered as i want it (eg. One feed displaying all social media posts from my friends).


  • Politicians were only allowed a set budget funded by tax to fund elections #moneyoutofpolitics


  • Politicians had to choose a handful of things to work towards, things that were SMART goals for the country. The actions would be recorded and if they fail too many they cant be re-elected.


  • I could write this scab without nodding off.


  • I could lucid dream again.

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