“Time Management” – By @alexbottner_

By Alexandra Bottner

“Time Management”


The sooner you nail it at SCA, the easier your life will be.


SCA is not like uni. You don’t get a month to write an essay.


You have to think fast and you have to work smart, because you will get a lot of briefs thrown your way.


The biggest mistake I made at the beginning of the year is that I kept working on the same brief for hours on end, trying to get to a good idea. But that good idea would never happen, because I would keep working until I lost all sight of common sense.

I’ve learned that you can get more work done in one hour slots. It forces you to keep focused and to get to the point quicker. I even set a timer now. I’ve always worked better under pressure, so now I recreate it for myself.

If you don’t nail an idea in an hour, it’s okay. Move on to the next project.


Your mind will still be working on the first brief in the background as you move on to the next task.


I was skeptical about all of this at first, but it really does make a difference.


So if there’s one thing I’d say to next year’s intake, get on it now.

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