I’m not addicted to drugs @gnomeegnome

By Naomi Taylor


When you feel so low,
it’s hard to get up and go.
Eyes wide with fear.
Head down. Things are unclear. But to be fair…
life is unfair.
A constant battle between wrong, between right, between people, between life.

The solution is your fight,

and with happiness, there is light. You can drown in your insecurities,

or thrive in your abilities.
My addiction is not drugs,
alcohol, sex or love.
My addiction is changing how I feel,
how I’m seen and removing myself from the real.

If I could buy happiness, I’d be in debt
but happiness is a gift. Earned. Except…
you can do what you believe in, believe you have a chance, get lost in what you are capable of, sing, cheer and dance.

Because happiness is what we make it, and it’s there, open your eyes, find it.

But sometimes things get cloudy
and the bad shouts too loudly.
So it’s easy to give up, to give in to what’s there,
but there is no good without bad so you must grin and bare. There is no equal answer to what happiness is
For me it is different, so is yours, hers and his.

Trust your inner instinct, tell yourself you can. You’re the only one who will suffer if not.
So stand up, fight, flourish and fly,
because life is what you make it,

just make sure you are heading for the sky.

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