Do not forget your loves… By @cocoabutler_

Matt Butler

By Matthew Butler


Do not forget your loves…


In the past two weeks, we have been told time and time again that maintaining our passions is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. Aside from the fact that doing what we love will help us maintain a level head in this crazy Ad world, they can also be the things that get us hired. So I guess the key is to do what you love, do it well and keep on doing it.

I’ve been thinking about some of the things I really like to do and have written a haiku for each of them. I’ve decided not to state what they are, so you guys can have a little guess at what they might be and maybe comment any ideas?


Beats chime through speakers

heartbeat’s rhythm on repeat:

track may cause seizures


You’re thick, death and dumb

Yet you scream so vividly.

Connect. symmetry.


Stick to my iris.

I stare still in this dark room,

So captivated.


Steal my mind daily.

I miss your presence here. Time

has not grey’d our bond


Both our names in blood.

Before God I pledge to you.

Words action’s fulfilled.


One ‘i’, many ‘O’s’;

Self is team. So smiles seem cross

Strong joined together


ripping tissue, it

makes me strong – strains aplenty

Measure me in sweat


Deep in my spine, you

Blast as we chant soulful, dark

harmonies as one


Papa alrigh’ see

Sell fredo fo’ do’. And blur

The truth with big eyes


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