Start again, my son. By @larrygrange

Laurens Grainger

By Laurens Grainger


 Start again, my son.

This week was a weird one.
I started my book again from scratch with Alicia. (She’s great but has bladder problems.)
At first it was a weight off my shoulders (the stress, not the urine),  then it was terrifying, then it ended up being one of the most productive weeks I’ve had all year.
To quote Tracy Chapman’s pop C-L-A-S-S-I-C ‘Fast Car’ – “when you start from nothing, you got nothing to lose.”
Darn tooting, Tracy.
Was she singing about student advertising portfolios? Who knows? But probably.
Next week, I’m tempted to hide my book and start again. Again. It’s amazing how liberating it was to have nothing to fall back on.
I’d recommend that my classmates do the same.
Start from scratch. Challenge yourself.
P.S – yet another person told me I looked like Bradley Cooper today. Just letting you know.

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