How I did the most challenging thing in my life.  – By @Titouanhd

By Camila Alcaraz


How I did the most challenging thing in my life. 


Actually at that time I thought it was the most challenging thing I have ever done. But now that I’m here in a foreign country I clearly change my mind. But anyway, that won’t be the subject of this article. 

What I wanted to share with you is the once I decided to go on a road trip by myself. 


It was March 2019 and my birthday was close, at that time I used to live in another country far from home and my family. One morning I realised I didn’t want to spend my birthday with people I didn’t know. To me, it was worse to spend a entire day/night surrounded by people I didn’t know for so long than to spend my birthday alone.

So I basically I bought a flight ticket to Philadelphia and started to schedule my trip. 


As I said I flew to Philadelphia, where I spent 3 days. 

It’s a beautiful city, with a lot of history and architecture. 


From there I took a bus to Richemont at 5 am. Bus that I almost lost because my subway was delayed. I arrived in town at 13 pm and started my day by getting lost looking for my hostel. 

Richemont is a cute city, small compare to the United States but with a lot of history. Actually I wanted to see Richemont because is where the battle of the civil war between the confederate and the Union ended. 


My third stop and my favourite one was Washington DC. It took me 4 hours to get to the capital by bus. But it was worth it. 

DC is the most beautiful city in the US to me. Is a city that is surrounded by cultural things, museums and beautiful architecture. I really enjoyed the stay there and spend my birthday there. 


Finally, I went to Baltimore, just for one day. Once again it’s a city related to the civil war because is where the national anthem have been created after the civil war.

I ended my road trip there with a lot of memories, goods and bad stories. But most of all, it was the best experience I could have done. 


Honestly, the reason why I decided to go on a 10 days trip was mainly because I wanted to challenge myself and show myself that I was able to go on a trip alone and take care of me. 

This experience taught me 3 things :

  • Endure and fight loneliness
  • Take care of myself 
  • Speak with people and meet new people 
  • Knowing me better and what I want


I highly recommend everyone to do this kind of experience on their own, and get out of their comfort zone.

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