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By Forrest Clancy



D&AD, Pencils and Portfolios


I didn’t believe that future students actually read this blog until I was, last week, proved wrong under very harsh circumstances. That is another story for another time. But, now in the knowledge that you guys are out there, this one goes out to you. 

Some people found out that they won pencils today in the annual student awards. It’s a sort of brief, fleeting sense of reward and gratification but nothing more because the truth is, by this point in the year there are far, far more important things to worry about. Like getting a job. 

In retrospect, I sort of wish I had worried less about D&AD and more about keeping my book up to scratch over the last 6 weeks. The huge push in March, followed by a period of decompression has left me with a lot of ground to make up. Not a trade off I would have been keen to make had you offered it to me back in March. 

If you come to SCA, in February and March D&AD will seem like the most important brief in the entire world. Marc will tell you it is not. You will ignore him. It will take priority over friends, family and without a doubt the rest of your work. Try not to let this happen. The work you do in April, May June and July is, week on week, more important than getting a pencil. Hard to believe, but true. 

I went to a crit today just hours after getting the good news about my work. When the team critting me turned to my winning work I reached across the table with my fat finger and said, “that’s the one that’s won a pencil.” 

“Awww,” they said, “that’s nice,” and flicked past it after about 3 seconds. 

This is precisely how you should look at it, too. 

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