My life isn’t just advertising – By @_sarahalliday

By Sara Halliday


My life isn’t just advertising

Marc rightly commented the other day that Becky and I have established lives outside of advertising. Most of these SCABs are about the industry, so I though it would be cool to talk about the stuff that I’m doing outside of school. Because yep, even with only two weeks until portfolio day I’m keeping myself busy with ‘not advertising’.

Time management becomes more tricky when you’re trying to do two huge things on top of SCA. I’m currently planning my wedding, and trying to buy a house. Big, adult tasks which could be jobs in their own right.

So, the wedding.

I’m Pinteresting hard at the moment, which can get you into a dark hole of cookie-cutter weddings. We’re still working out what our style is, but in the least spoilery way possible for those invited – we’re thinking food, fun, and family. We’ve booked a venue in Wales, in the arse end of nowhere near my hometown, which is tricky for everyone to get to (including us). Luckily we have the place for the whole weekend, so once you’re there, you can stay there.

Current jobs on the to-do list include researching and booking the caterer and the photographer. Both of these things matter a tonne to us. A good photographer will capture the day better than our own memories can, but styles can vary so much. I’m into the documentary style, so no posed photos, mostly because Liam and I would be horrendously awkward in front of the camera. I’d rather have photos of things that actually happened, rather than staging scenes.

Catering-wise, I don’t want to give too much away, but as we’re both vegetarian we’ll likely go for a full veggie wedding. Scheduling tasting sessions with caterers is tricky when you live so far from the venue, but I guess I’ll go home over summer and try the scran then.

Secondly, we’re in the process of finding a house to buy.

We’re looking at Sutton. Becky lives there. That’s not why we’re looking there, but it will definitely make weekend working easier. We went to some viewings on Saturday, none were perfect for us but it gave us a good idea as to what we’re looking for. It’s weird planning so far ahead with one purchase, but it’s good fun imagining where our pizza oven/nursery/cat tree will go.

Buying a house is symbolic too, as a Welsh girl marrying a Manchester boy it represents a committal not just to each other but to London. I never dreamt of living down here, let alone buying a house here. When I was looking at universities it was never in the life plan. But here we are, setting down (expensive) roots. I know that buying a house doesn’t mean that you’re set there for life, but it’s a start.

So that’s me, outside of school these are the two things taking up more brain power than I have available to give. I’m actually looking forward to the end of the year now, if only to book my wedding photographer…

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