Never a Day Off, by @EdwinaKhayat

Edwina Khayat

By Edwina Khayat


Never a day off

This week, I took a loan. ‘Time off’. It promised time with friends. A barbecue. Fresh food. Clean laundry. A book. A concert. More friends. Vitamin D. Sleep. 


I didn’t read the small print. I should’ve expected that little shark nagging me. Business cards! He shouted at random times. Teslaaaa, he whispered in my ears as I fell asleep. Spit’n’polish, he sang to the music, Spit’n’polish, spit’n’polish. 


And no matter how much time off I took from my time off, he was always there weighing on my conscience, telling me I wasn’t doing enough. 


So I sat him down. We had a talk. I told him about routine and the importance of feeding your mind. That ideas come from things we’ve seen, done or experienced. That being tired and empty never leads to fun work. And that work that wasn’t fun doing isn’t worth showing.


So we agreed to call the loan an investment, and he said he’d bring his crew if I didn’t deliver. 

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