Weird insights – By @CocoShellim

By Coco Shellim


Weird insights


Things are starting to ramp up for D&AD and the vibe in the classroom seems to have changed a bit. I think we are all trying to work out the fine balance of doing all the preparations for our entries. Who are the judges, what work do they make, what work have they judged to be pencil worthy in the past, what causes do they care about, or are they just looking for a laugh?

Then there’s the briefs, do you want to pick a brief which you think is more open so there’s more of a chance of doing an un-obvious route? I’ve been working on the Case for Her brief and having to choose your own audience is tricky. I’m worried I am spending too much time research, but if there is no specific audience to start from, then finding the right insight is bound to take time. 
We only have two weeks, and I am feeling the time pressure, but for some reason only distantly. We are used to turning work around in two weeks but to push it to the craft level expected is something new. There is also the feedback from the mentors to contend with, massively useful, but often clashing. I found it surprising to learn that the entries the mentors are sure will win a pencil, win nothing and the entries they think are fairly average will walk away with a yellow pencil. I am not sure if I feel comforted or nervous by this. 
Researching has been interesting, specifically researching period porn. Which we have finally accepted, nobody wants to see it. But learning about the data Pornhub has gathered last year was pretty fascinating, so I thought it deserved to be shared:
There was an average of 92 Million daily visits, that’s the population of Canada, Poland and Australia looking at Pornhub every day.
115 years of video footage was added 
Fornite porn now exists… It’s now a top 20 search. Watched the trailer for it. 1/10 Would not recommend.
Phillipines lasts the longest – average of almost 14 mins on the site.
Russia lasts the shortest – not even 8 minutes.
Elastagirl and the Incredibles had almost 14 million searches. 
There were some other weird character searches, the Simpsons is popular apparently.
People aged over 65 liked to search ‘hot granny’
Im not sure what to do with this information now, so I put it in a SCAB.
The copy scores 72.3 in the Flesch Reading Ease test

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