What do we think the group SCAB should be about? -Group SCAB

Ben: How we can’t come up with a group scab topic together.


Adeline: When did you last lie and why?


Joe: What do you think the group SCAB should be about


Holleh: What’s the most beautiful line you’ve ever read?


Phil: What’s your favourite meme? When am i getting engaged?


Steve: Write a short story about your first love


Melina: What’s the difference between a group and a team?


Elliot: Infernos:Combining work and fun’ – Boston silhouettes


Nick: I think it should be “What’s the best proposition you’ve seen?”… There you go. And my answer would be Speedos: You never see a fat fish, from Dan Watts.


Susie:  As creatives, what fun routines can we incorporate into our everyday agency life to make sure work never feels like work?


Darius: If you had the world’s attention for a sentence, what would you say?


Chris: what would you do if you were President of the United States


Henry: What keeps you awake at night?


Helena: How SCA has changed you.


Jonothan: What is a silly thing that makes you happy?


Sara: who would win in a fight between Obama, Darius, and JJ?


Alysha: If you were a biscuit, which would you be and why?


Twyla: What do you collect?


Martin: Did you hate or love your last book you read? Which one was it? And want did you learn from it?


Becky: Favourite ‘John’ ever? And why?


Holly: What do you do to improve your mood when you are in a bad mood?


Philly: John


Petra: What are the best ways to get into a playful child mode?


Poppy: If you could have one superpower, what would it be? And why?


Meg: If you were a cat, how old would you be now? And what would your name be?


Rita: Which name would you choose for yourself??


Dan: What is your favourite colour and why?


Helena p: do frogs have ears


Josh (reacts): do dogs have fears


Josh (reacts): do fish have tears


Rachel: How would you get people to take part in a “fear factor” type task for no reason?


Josh: is this the *real* scab?  


Helena p (reacts): Is this just fantasy


Caught a landslide


Zoe: Would you rather?

Gary: Where do you find your fuel?


Pietro: order or disorder?why?


Jem: What 100% useless skill do you wish you had?

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