Good is Great – By @Orla27Marie – Inspired by @BenPriest

Orla O'Connor

By Orla O’Connor



Good is Great


We had an amazing master class today by the one and only Ben Priest.  And during the stream of wisdom that was pouring from his mouth like a word waterfall (don’t judge not a writer) he said this, good is great.  The word great is thrown around SCA a lot.  We are under constant pressure to make great work, work that changes the world.  Hegarty himself said good is the enemy of great.  When we get reminded of this before every brief, I can’t help but brick it slightly.  Greats a big word, a scary word, a word that makes an A4 page look like an infinite blank space.  But that’s all ok now.  Thanks to the mighty Ben Priest (praise Jesus).


He said he believes that you should aim to do good work and more often than not if you do enough good work some turns out to be great.  This seems entirely logical as let’s be honest we all think our ideas are great at first.  Until you look at it again, and realised you have given birth to some idea that looks like those weird hybrid creatures the internet claims are real.  From what I can gather this advertising game is all about working your arse off producing as many idea you can muster that you believe in.  And the ideas that are crap and you don’t really believe in will be dropped, as you work out deep down they aren’t worth your time.  So you keep refining and eventually you are left with great.  
Although I could be, and probably am, wrong.  At the end of the day like Ben went on to say we are all winging it, no one in life really knows what they are doing.  But let’s be honest who really wants a how to do life manual anyway, would make the whole thing very boring.

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