I’m From….all of you – By @Titouanhd

By Camila Alcaraz


I’m From….all of you


I remember the first Deanna class at the beginning of the year. She made us write several sentences starting by “I’m from…” and we had to finish it.

I really liked the exercise because we end up with a whole story.

So, here goes my short story at SCA.

I’m from Town Hall

I’m from all the great mentors that helped us to get unstuck

I’m from all the legend mentors that came to see us and share their stories

I’m from the brilliant Master classes

I’m from the clean up time

I’m from the Pub on Friday’s night

I’m from Krak’s memes

I’m from the Scab and the group’s Scab

I’m from the reflection slide

I’m from the doggies that visit us every week

I’m from the get to bys and SMP

I’m from the comfy sofas

I’m from Gigi’s honesty

I’m from Chloe’s outfits

I’m from Oliver’s boss attitude

I’m from Scarlet and Katie’s smile

I’m from Elisa and Aaron’s kindness

I’m from Deans’s madness

I’m from Munraj bodyguard

I’m from Sean’s wisdom

I’m from Sam and Pierre’s jokes

I’m from Chris’s laugh

I’m from Charlie’s complicate ideas

I’m from Bastien’s and Tommy’s mystery

I’m from Maeva’s karaoke

I’m from Luce’s sweetness

I’m from Issy always correcting me

I’m from Ivan… “I mean”

I’m from Holly’s advice

I’m from Alice mentoring

I’m from Leanne’s world and optimism

I’m from Jay’s bicolor outfits

I’m from Lawrence’s cute draws

I’m from Carly’s girl chat

I’m from David’s talent

I’m from Alfi’s eyebrow

I’m from Dj’s dances

I’m from Marley’s and Rachel’s joy

I’m from Eva … Honey

I’m from Rolly’s devil mood

I’m from Alex’s and Philip’s humour

I’m from and Elle’s polish nails

I’m from Ellie’s positivity

I’m from Marc’s spell

I’m from Max, Marcia, Amy’s support

I’m from those who left before me.

I’m from all those little things that SCA makes you become. I’m from now on who I am from one term at SCA.

This is the end for me but you are still to become. I can’t wait to see you in 6 months at portfolio day, and see how good you are.

My experience couldn’t have been so great without all of you. I have learn so much more in those few months at SCA about me and the advertising industry than in most of my studies.

Do you remember the first day? I was so impressed and at the same time I was wondering if I didn’t end up in a sort of juggle, with skateboarding and dogs. But no, it was just wonderful room full of creative people sweating ideas.

In my first Scab I was so overwhelmed by my first week and when I look back I see how far I come from and how much progress I have made. I remember thinking that I needed to get used to the SCA pedagogy and forget all the rules that we learn in France… Now that I have finally get used to it, I realize that I have to come back to it… Which is going to be sooo difficult.

Anyway, I’m honestly grateful to Marc and all the team for the opportunity to learn all of those amazing stuff during my time at SCA. Even though I’ve decided to leave, I truly trust in SCA and it’s pedagogy. There is something at SCA that makes you want to work harder, do more and give your best. I’m grateful for having met 41 extraordinary people, full of talent, who inspiring me so much! Thank you for having made me feel home during this first term at SCA.

Those past months were rich in ups and downs, failures, and very happy moments. I still remember my goals and I know I manage to accomplish them or will accomplish them.

Thank you Krak, it been a real adventure.

Peace, love and Krak.

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