A Festive message to potential SCA applicants – By @GCopywrite

By Gigi Rice


A Festive message to potential SCA applicants 


My darling, loyal Readers. 

I am dismayed to admit that since term has finished (I literally crawled over the line tooth and nail), I have been zapped of all my creative energy. Therefore today sadly, my scab will be less deep and meaningful and centred around explanations. 

I hear you sigh, Dear Reader but alas, this could come in most handy for you. If you are an avid SCA blog reader like I was before starting my time here- you would have been a bit confused by some of the lingo. 

I shall decode such lingo henceforth- 

Scab- What this is! A blog post standing for SCA Blog. We do these once every other week but feel that they have a nasty habit of coming round exceedingly frequently. Very likely to creep up when you least expect it or are drowning in a portfolio brief gone wrong. Beware though, this is no light hearted matter. If you fail to submit one or if it’s entirely crap, you’ll have the wrath of Amy on your hands. Run for your life. 

Squirrel- Debatably my favourite being at SCA. She is the studio dog (I believe some sort of poodle mix? Cockapoo?) and greets you enthusiastically in the mornings and then gets progressively less interested. Cute as a Toffee button though. Hates Aaron but he won’t listen and continues to torment her regardless. Enjoys other dogs company such as Zelda but not for too long. Very soothing to pet her when the world collapses around you in a hellish baptism of fire. Downsides- she’s racist. 

Pit- The glory hole of SCA that is permanently freezing. Our studio is on two levels in one room and the pit is where all dreams come to die. I refuse to go down for two reasons. 1. The sofa’s are either extremely uncomfy or make me fall asleep. 2. I don’t do suffering unnecessarily so stay up on the second level in the warm, peering over. 

Scamp- What does this even stand for? Who knows. When you draw something before trying to make it. Usually really really shit. Make sure you draw a nice border around it though. Top tip- try and trace things on your computer to make it marginally better.

Partner- Not romantic but lines have been crossed. Dangerous idea. Generally a loving platonic relationship generally consisting of Copywriter and Art Director. These two genders can be blurred and overlapped. We welcome all here. 

Clean up time- Every Friday at 3, the same playlist is turned on and we clean up mountains of crap that manage to accumulate every week. You’ll quickly learn who the worst culprits are. Once you start jamming along to the songs which I believe are from some children’s show, you will never not hear them again. Goes round on a loop again and again. The kind of stuff that would have been played in Guantanamo Bay. 

Honey- Used sarcastically from creative to creative. Bit passive aggressive but an in joke. You’ll have to start your own next intake. 

KRAK- Our agency name. Based off Krakatoa, the loudest sound in the world from Indonesia. The theme for our year is “Pump Up the Volume” so we’re being loud as anything. Still working on cutting through the general shit though. No point creating noise that doesn’t say anything. 

Single- When you don’t have a creative partner. Most singles choose to be this way and they’re right. They are frequently difficult to work with but that’s how they work best. Doing the job of two men but for some, solitude is bliss. For me, having no one to bounce ideas constantly off or drag to the pub, is a nightmare. 

Craft- Not literal arts and crafts. We tried that for our Christmas tree decorations and it was abysmal. Mostly creating our advertising campaigns using computer programmes. Do yourself a favour and try and learn some basic craft now, it will help you out HUGELY. 

WIP- Work In Progress. As the deadline approaches, we have scheduled meetings with mentors. 

D&AD- Design and Art Direction. A very important competition that takes place each year. I want to win one DESPERATELY. If I win, I’m changing my middle name to Gigi Black Pencil Rice. Not everyone is competitive and that’s okay but I’mma attempt to wipe the F***king floor clean with all of you. 

Cannes Lion- Another fancy schmancy awards ceremony in Cannes. Award trophies are lions. Fun. 

Book crit- When a senior creative murders your work and gives you feedback. Have a drink, pick yourself up, go again. And again and again until they hire you. 

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