Here’s to the fashionably late – By @lcmsca2020

Here’s to the fashionably late

In order to get you in the mood for this SCAB here’s a tune to enjoy as you read through.

The song goes out to Amy, who presumably has to read over this and has already chased me for this SCAB. 

Just a heads up the song itself is about as vanilla and boring as it gets, but it summarises the sentiments I wanted to convey in this post. 

Time management is not exactly a strong suit. If you want an example I am writing this several days late, at about 11.30pm because I couldn’t think of what I wanted to do this SCAB on and so delayed it as much as possible. Juggling our first two week brief as well as our first client brief as well as a SCAB has proven too much for me, and thus my current post is late. So I hear by dedicate this SCAB to the chronologically challenged, the perpetually dithering and those who dilly-dally on the daily. 

In an effort to reprimand myself, I wanted to publicly list all the things I’ve done instead of writing this blog, in what I see as an act of self flagellation.  

In the last few hours I have…

  • Looked at several websites for a new pair of boots.
  • Watched two episodes of The Night Manager (5/5 a must watch, The Guardian).
  • Read some mountaineering articles on wikipedia (actually that one counts as research for this post, please continue reading for an explanation as to why).
  • Looked at getting some new jeans.
  • Spend about 30 mins looking through Netflix for a new series to watch.
  • Scanned Reddit to about the 40th page.
  • Found a subReddit that only has videos of engineering disasters and watched about two pages worth.
  • Rearranged the contents of my desktop, about 3 times but who’s counting. 

I actually realised I have a great idea for a SCAB, but unfortunately due to my procrastination this is not it, this is just a tribute. Although please watch this space… the next one will be a corker and will diverge once again from the written format.

Time management is my own personal Everest, actually scratch that… its a cliche and if 55 year old fat white men can be dragged up Everest then it can’t be too much of a challenge.

Time management is my own personal K2, specifically the West Face Direct, which of course was first summited on August 21st 2007 by the legendary Russian mountaineer Pavel Shabalin after reaching base camp two months previously. Their first attempts were of course hampered by inclement weather with Alexey Bolotov, Gennady Kirievsky and Nokolay Totmjanin spending four days in Camp 5 waiting for a weather window, and on August 10 leaving Camp 6 for a summit push. Deep snow, reported at times to be up to their chests, slowed them considerably, and then at 8500 meters they hit an unexpected, vertical rock step. Exhausted, and unable to find a way through, the three retreated. Finally, on August 21, the weather allowed them another shot, and they were ultimately successful in their venture. But I digress…

If I want to become the apex advertising creative that I truly wish to be then I hereby pledge that I will get on top of this minor character floor. So here we are, let it be known that I will sing I’m a Little Teapot in front of everyone complete with refrain and dance moves should I ever hand in another SCAB late… there I said it, can’t take it back now.

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