Portfolio Creed by @AdamTaylorSmith

Adam Taylor-Smith

By Adam Taylor Smith


Portfolio Creed

This is my portfolio. It lives and breathes. This one is mine and there must not be any others like it.


My portfolio is me and I am my portfolio. It is my world. Without me it is useless, and without it I am useless.


I must craft my portfolio true. I can not cross agency boarders without it. I must nurture and design my portfolio better than my competition who is trying to steal from my. 


I will learn its weaknesses, its strengths, its weight and the texture of its pages. I will learn to love the criticism and abuse my portfolio receives, for without it I cannot generate the inner fire necessary to tear my portfolio apart and build it up stronger than before. 


Neglecting my portfolio is like neglecting an animal. I must feed it every day. I must not ever let it get bored. It needs variety and constant stimulus. I will take it out for regular walks. It needs frequent check ups and attention from those more experienced than I.


Although I will love my portfolio, I swear to never be happy with it. It can always be better and it must be continually pushed to work harder until it screams. 


Before Hegarty, Ogilvy and Bernbach I swear this creed. My portfolio and I are defenders of my career. 


So be it, until I am gainfully employed. Then, when the next battle and the next enemy are within my sight, may I remember this creed.

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