Seizing up – By @AsforAlex

Alexandra Sims

By Alexandra Sims


Seizing up


Hallows’ eve draws near and as some prepare to transform into sexy zombies and, not at all stale, cereal killers, I’m taking the time to truly question my fears.

I’m not talking about heights or the family pet being a reincarnated relative, or even falling over teeth first (Can’t just be me.) I got to thinking beyond phobias and external frights. How do we scare ourselves? Is it when doing something out of character? Should we worry about the big decisions we make?

I’m certain that the self-fear that plagues me the most is the fear of missing out. No, not simply FOMO. I don’t get anxious that something exciting is happening elsewhere.  What concerns me is the possibility that I might stand in the way of my own opportunities, now more than ever.

I’ve never wanted to not miss school or work before but when projects and deadlines come as thick and fast as they do at SCA, I dread pulling a sickie. There are so many people to hear from and meet and I always want to be involved at all parts of the creation process. Suddenly, staying under a warm duvet doesn’t seem worth it anymore. I’ve missed one day so far for a wedding and I hope that remains the case for the whole year unless for a bloody great reason. Beyond missing out by literally not being present, I have to make sure I try my best on every brief and remember to find time for the optional extras. ‘Showing up is 80 percent of life’, ‘You got to be in it to win it’ etc.

Regret is perhaps the saddest word of all, so seize every moment and opportunity will follow.

Side note: I was given a free drink at subway the other week when my sandwich was dropped and on the cup was a chance to win stuff. All I had to do was download the app, scan the picture, press some buttons and submit my details. On any other day it would have gone in the bin but I was particularly bored and wouldn’t you know it, I won. So I’m going to a gig for free at Brixton O2 for minimal effort really and it’s thanks to all the little choices. 


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