Geef om Haar – By @helenapelsmae

By Helena Pelsmaekers


Geef om Haar

Right before I moved to London I decided to cut my hair. A dazzling 40 cm (15 inch? (according to google)) less hair in one day. I’ve never had short hair before, and in my whole existence long hair was my trademark. It matched my last name as well, which means fur maker in Dutch. And I’m not quite sure yet if it suits me really. First I thought it would make me a bit older (which is good cause people often think I’m 18 instead of 23), and that people would take me more seriously. But I sort of look like an 8 year old boy. 

It doesn’t matter though, since it was for a greater cause: cancer. In Belgium you can donate your hair to Think Pink, where they sell it to a wig manufacturer and the profit will be used for breast cancer patients. The longer the hair, the better but it has to be at least 20 cm (8 inches?). The campaign is called ‘Geef Om Haar’, which is a really good name in my opinion. It sums up the purpose of the cause really well. ‘Geef om’ means ‘to give’ but also ‘to care about’, and ‘haar’ means ‘hair’ but also ‘her’. Give hair to care about her. 

It was also a really good distraction the last few weeks, to be nervous about a haircut instead of thinking about SCA. Once at the hairdresser there was however no time to have second thoughts or to get nervous. I sat there for like 5 seconds and they already showed me the cut off ponytails. 

The good thing is, is that no one at SCA will have known me with long hair. They will be used to it as it is now. No one will be screaming and asking what the hell is wrong with me and assuring me it will never grow back, like my mother. 

I do want it to be a bit longer again than as it is now. If it grows as rapidly as leg hair, it will be fine. 

No ragrets

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