SCAers … will I see you again? – By @victorialeed

By Victoria D’Andrea


SCAers … will I see you again?


Aleksandra: As the high-scorer of the course, she will be asked again and again back to the school. I will make my way back uninvited and get to catch up.

Alex T: He will fall into a black hole and disappear entirely (or move to Japan).

Alex B: She will become a millionaire with all her crazy inventions and ditch all us broke bitches.

Alfie: We will not cross roads for many years. One day we will randomly meet in Copenhagen.

Alysha: Hopefully she will open her own bakery one day. Then I’ll be one of her best customers, become incredibly obese and die. Thanks, Alysha.

Andy: Definitely. With his wife at SCA it will be like he never left.

Antonio: Even if I tried, I don’t think I’d be able to disappear on this one.

Charles: He has the talent of appearing in random places. I think this will continue after leaving the school, and I’ll meet him around London now and then.

Coco: You know what you did, and you know the consequences.

Dan: Like in my last scoring scab, I still haven’t even seen him snacking. Not to mention share. So, that will be a no from me.

DJ: Quite mysterious. He appears and disappears during the day. I have an inkling he will also disappear without a trace.

Forrest: As one of my partner’s best friends, I fear I’ll have many more yells in the coming months.

Gémina: I’ll be seeing her every day at the queue in Norley’s.

Holly: As promised many times, I intend to meet up with this one at least once a month.

Jacob: In the future I’m planning on getting a haircut. I will be in touch to get hair gel recommendations.

Jemma: Quite active on the SCA Facebook chat. Will likely organise a meet with the HUSH intake. Marta will force me to go.

Joe C: I’ll see you in Bath! I’m ready to witness the frozen chickens irl.

Joe F: As he’s quite a bit taller than me, he’ll see me first.

Joe R: Not sure really. He always seems so content with life. Wouldn’t trust him.

Josie: I will see her on the street one day, wave and get completely snubbed. 

Karolina: Can always be counted on to go to the theatre with. I’m not going to lose that.

Lauren: I don’t eat at McDonalds. Hasn’t been a problem this far, but I feel will become an issue in the future.

Lucy: I will meet her in a fancy hat shop in 3 years. She will laugh at my choice of beret.

Leonore: She will pop in and out of my raider now and then. Unpredictable and cheerful.

Maddy: I still have to see the amazing house I’ve heard so much about. Not dropping that acquaintance … yet.

Maria: As she has pointed out, Europeans that meet abroad tend to group. We will meet regularly to complain of all things English.

Marta: As my creative partner, I really hope I will be seeing her again.

Mary: I think Mary is the kind of person who I’ll just find at my door one day, even though I’ve never shared my address. I’m looking forward to it.

Max: I’ll see him on TV one day. He won’t see me, because that’s how it works.

Patxi: He will prefer to spend his time with his cooler friends. But Tom will get him to come back and see us.

Phil: We will not hear anything of each other for 10 years. Then we will meet on a cruise to San Tropez and fall deeply in love. The end.

Rachel: Just like in Bournemouth, Rachel and I will end up working in the same office, but somehow never see each other.

Ruby: I’ve already gone over the social obstacle of meeting his wife. I can’t have that effort wasted, so I will probably stay in touch.

Saphire: I have a feeling I will never see Saphire again. And I’m not even saying after SCA. I’m saying after this SCAB.

Sophie: I’ll definitely see Sophie again. Our short conversations are so awkward the universe will not want to miss out on the fun of throwing us together repeatedly.

Tarun: Our desk mate. It won’t end at SCA. Marta and I will stalk the partners while we are all jobless, so we can work together again.

Tom: In two months we cross paths in a gay bar. We will both pretend not to see each other.

Zoe: She will go on Love Island and become famous. We will meet often though, as I’ll become her manager.

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