Step Up Our Game

By JOHN – The Intake of 2017/18


Step Up Our Game


What can we personally do in term two to help us step up our game from term one?


From the makers of Term 1 comes: Term 2. Bigger. Better. But how?


Meg: I need to learn to listen to others more, and really make an effort to understand different people’s way of working and thinking. In term two, I want to become more open-minded, collaborative and far more patient.


Twyla: Set up concrete personal goals.


Helena: Speak up a bit more in group discussions, get out of school more to go to museums etc where I truly get some inspiration, becoming better at time management, find out what I want to do after this year, find time for things other than school.


Jem: So many things…. Practice gratitude, see the positive side of things, don’t get frustrated when other people see things differently to how I do. I need to get better at discerning when it’s a communication problem and when it’s an idea problem. Do they (partner or mentor) hate it because I didn’t explain it well enough or is it actually something I should kill? I need to get better at listening in general. And with teamwork, collaboration over compromisation is a big lesson. If we don’t both love it then we need to keep looking for something that we do. It’s not a good tactic to go along with something that one person thinks is great and the other person doesn’t fully believe in and then water it down so that we both think it’s ok.


Becky: Don’t become too consumed with school work. Make sure I find time to do things outside of school.


Susie: In term two I want to improve my time management by setting my own mini deadlines within every deadline – I don’t want to endure any all nighters from now on! And I want to get better at craft quickstyle. I also want to find some mini routines for the mornings and evenings – routine went out the window a week or so into first term and I want to restore it.


Rachel: In term two I’d like to make more of myself for example; doing what I actually want to do & to worry less about other people’s thoughts when I don’t need too. It’s just held me back from opportunities in and outside of SCA.


Helena S: Trust in myself. Not be intimidated by the other awesome people at the school. Remind myself more often that I am running my own race and it’s a marathon not a sprint. I will make a conscious effort to express my opinions more loudly not only verbally but through my work. Trusting in myself also means sticking to the times I’ve set myself to do tasks, opposed to letting myself leak into overtime because I feel I haven’t ‘cracked it’. This had only lead to feelings of defeat and frustration.


Petra: Find a better balance between SCA and my life outside of SCA. Sometimes I forget that I actually have one outside of school as well. Collect more dots and try to be more present instead of constantly thinking about the briefs we’re on, and remind myself that if I don’t I won’t be very creative.


Phil: Next year I want to engage with mindfulness more and practice gratitude. I don’t think I’ve been keeping in tune with myself enough last term. I am also on a mission to get better at craft. Adobe needs to check itself.


Holly: Get into a routine of using the Self Journal’s structure, to be more disciplined with my time management and also make sure I take the time for gratitude and looking at the positives day to day.


Zoe: Be more ballsy, pretty much sums up EVERYTHING that I need to do differently next term. Live on after effects (make it my second language) and write ‘thank you’s’ much more as well as saying it.


Jonothan: See the great in everything and everyone. Bring down brie consumption by 3/5ths. Connect loads with agencies and mentors! Make that craft so good, people didn’t even know it was possible.

Be exciting. Be excited.

Ben: When I say I’m going to do something, I’ll do it.


Poppy: There are lots of SCA-related things I need to work on, but next term I really need to be a better housemate. My housemates have been picking up the slack for me a lot this term and I’m probably going to need more looking after in 2018, so I need to earn my keep!


Gnome: No more drink and drugs. Ha.


James: Reduce over thinking and self criticism. Make a clear line between SCA and other parts of my life.


Sara: Live my life outside SCA more. Go to town on my passion projects and be the most interesting Sara I can be.


Martin: Do my best at every brief and take every opportunity. Go to agencies, network more and continue passion projects.


Christian: so bloody many things, I have to scamp a lot more than I have done, do more creative techniques and six hatting. I have to step up my game, formand more of myself than I have done in term 1 and learn How to f*****g manage my time.


Joe: Next term I want to get a better understanding of craft and actually spend less time reading about advertising when i’m not doing work. I realised very quickly I need to carry on doing the things I enjoy in my spare time.


Nick: Be more prepared to do late nights. Not to make it a habit, but at least be willing.


Alysha: Leave time to scamp and iterate far more. Also no more all nighters, because it just leads to work that is rushed and of poor quality, and the idea doesn’t come across. I think it’s better to clamp down on a good idea early and execute it well, than a great idea found at the last minute, executed badly. Be more bold with my ideas, and find ideas that really get under the skin of culture.


Melina: Improve in time management, read more and learn how to use mentors both for my work’s benefit and for starting building a network.


Adeline: Take more time for myself and let my brain breathe.


Philly: Stop criticizing my work before I’ve even made it. Be optimistic that’ll I’ll make things that are great. Be in ‘playful child’ state more, learn to tune out of negativity and look after myself more by eating more healthily.


Pietro: make good use of the critics.


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