Here’s a SCAB 2.0 By @PjotrBarakov

Pjotr Barakov

By Pjotr Barakov



Here’s a SCAB 2.0:

This is SCAB 2.0, the first crowdsourced SCAB ever written at Market House. 

So, this is SCAB. No, this is Sparta!!!

What shall we eat. Shrimps or… A burger? 

But what is a shrimp if not a tiny shellfish making its way into the wider ocean, trying to make an impression?

I liken that to my own journey. A young creative waiting to make an impact in the industry but not yet strong enough to do it on my own… or can I?

That’s why the mentors at SCA are helping me to form myself into the strongest of the bunch. A crab if you will. 

You see, a crab is an unlikely predator. A soft shell on the bottom, a hard on the top. Claws that are ever feeling, eyes that are ever seeing. Nothing gets by the crab’s quick senses, lightning reactions mean ideas are snapped up, propositions are swiftly tampered with and then killed.

One day I will look back at other little shrimps. But by then, by then I’ll be a shark. A shark waiting to kill every brief that comes my way. I will rule the ocean. 


You know, in the end, I think shrimps could be a perfect match for the night: everything is good about their bodies but their heads. 

When I see a plane I instantly imagine myself in it and I wonder if I’m sitting next to the window, I wonder where I am going and then I walk into a tree because i was looking in the sky. 

And inside that tree I see what once was. An old time, a memory of a better place. I can’t find the door to leave, but as I look at my reflection on the bark, I’m happy. I don’t know whether I’m a shrimp, a crab or a shark. But I know what I will be and that time is coming fast. 

Featuring: Honor, James, Adeline, Ludo, Mona, Kyle, Arthur, Lee.

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