My First Book

So my story started with Jaffa Cakes. It continued thirteen years later when I went off to study an Advertising degree at University. That’s where I learnt about portfolios, Or a ‘Book’ as we call them. A collection of work that you obsess over. That you pour a little a lot of yourself into, giving blood, sweat and tears before you have something you’re happy with. Then pour a little bit more of your blood, sweat and tears into it before you’re finally ready to show it to the world. 

Then, off you go on your adventure, to show as many people this shiny, super cool thing that you show off like it’s your newborn baby. You’re on your bike, heading off, all excited to see all manner of creative mentors and show them how great you are. Sitting in their plush office reception you’re a mixture of sweat, nerves and excitement. You can’t wait to show them what you’ve done and bask in the glory. 

Only to have them stamp on your dreams and shit all over your baby. 

Dejected. Deflated. Down in the dumps. You trudge off back home with your tail between your legs and your ego sufficiently bruised. Hopefully, with a notebook full of scribbles on how to improve your work and with luck, an invitation to come back and show your new and improved work with all the changes you’ve made.  

Why am I telling you this? Well because I recently found MY first portfolio. And let me tell you, dear reader.

It. Was. Terrible. 

Absolutely terrible. Cringe. 

First of all, I bought a big, A4, leather-bound book. It was a beautiful piece of stationery. Then I decided to ruin it by glueing, yep, GLUING in my executions. Some which were badly drawn scamps, some which were crappy photoshopped expressions of a vague and sometimes confusing proposition. 

Looking back on it now I can’t believe some of the design choices that I made or some of the executions. I did a whole long copy campaign, inspired by those Jack Daniels tube ads, under the impression that people actually want to read ads. With the benefit of hindsight I look back on it now and reflect and I’m really glad there’s no way in hell I’d make any of those choices now. With the benefit of time, I know better. 

It’s at this point I can practically hear you asking. “But Nabeel, It can’t have been that bad right?

Well, I’m going to share just a snippet with you. As long as you promise not to judge me, here’s some of the executions so we can all laugh at how bad it was. 

Awful right? 

And also any ECD’s reading, please don’t judge me on this. I’d like to think I’ve improved. 

It’s interesting to explore and look at this now. It shows how far I’ve actually come and serves as an important reminder. That it’s all part of the process and that, by making these mistakes that’s how we all learn. And that’s the message I’ll leave you with. 

Hi Mum! Thanks for reading! The neighbour’s cat keeps peeing on your flower bed.


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