Be a troublemaker… by @Goodworkmyboy

Søren Birk

By Søren Birk


Be a troublemaker…


There were some advantages being in the army. One of them was that we had free transport with train to and from the barracks. Around 3 hours transport time from where I lived. When the train inspector came and asked for our tickets we should just show our army ID cards and our transportation card with a preprinted monthly period.


After the army period, I thought that it was so convenient with free transport and with the insight that the inspectors didn’t look much on the cards, I use my graphic capabilities to change dates on the ID card and the transportation card. Infinite free transport.


On the first trip with these false cards, I was very nervous to be discovered. To remove all doubt from the controller about the fake cards I brought my army raincoat, which was visible during the entire trip. With this visual element it would tell him that I was an army guy even before he looked at my cards. Now there was nothing to worry about.


After the trip No. 20 I was not nervous anymore. Relaxed as if I had just meditated. None of the controllers doubted the genuine of the cards. Piece of cake.


I told my best friend about this clever trick and he was immediately hooked.  I made a couple of cards for him too. When we jumped on the train on the train together to use the cards, it was obvious he was very nervous about the situation. I convinced him that there was nothing to be afraid of.


Halfway on trip the inspector came by to check our cards as usual but this time something tricked him to look closer on them and then he said “these transport cards are fake”.  I told him that is was the genuine card we had been given from the army. He took them to double check with the army over the phone.


Now both of us were nervous. How should we react when he found out that is were fake cards. The only option was to jump off the train when it stopped the next time. 10 minutes to the next stop. He didn’t have time to call them and come back to us. 5 min to the next stop. Suddenly an officer stood in front of us and asked about what division we were from and so on. He looked at our ID cards and luckily for us he couldn’t tell these were fake.


The train stopped and we jumped off.


After this experience, I was obviously very afraid that they would track me down. Next thought was that i needed to do it better next time.  With the insight that we were too old to have these army cards I found another and more credible way to do it.


“Be a troublemaker” – Marc Lewis


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