Ok Google, play “Holidays” by Michel Polnareff

One month and half I am living in the city I dreamt of when I was young and one month and half I‘m studying in a super creative school, all I ever wanted.

I know we don’t get things we want easily, it’s a part of life. Long day working on briefs, finding idea with a lot of methods to remember. I feel like it’s adding new cards too your deck to become the best wizard of ads (I don’t know I never understood Magic cards).

But I don’t remember signing « lack of sleep » case when I joined SCA. I tried everything: going to bed early, preparing my bag and outfit the day before so I can sleep longer, never drink coffee too late… But nothing helps me no sleep longer, maybe it is Marc’s t-shirts, Halo burger delicious pink salt fries, all those horrible SCAMPs in the bin, or maybe Friday next cocktails that haunt my thoughts every night. Out of the joke, I’m very surprised by all the things we learn, for real I never thought my brain would be able to remember many things like this (well I don’t remember everything, I just put it in one of my brain cupboard hoping to use it when I have to).

A part of me wants to stay longer at SCA, as the French we are supposed to stay until December, but I want to continue studying and on the other hand I am so excited to work proper things and not just a simulation. There is like two windows showing two different mood, there is the anger of adventure one and the other where I’m scared and where there are the little mean creature saying you won’t be able to do it. Again, it’s a part off the game, saying no too your fears and smash them so hard with a spell so they never come back (again, magic cards reference just to come back to my first point so it looks structured lol).


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