It’s Comedy Tomorrow – By @carlyillston

By Carly Illston


It’s Comedy Tomorrow


Tomorrow we have our comedy showcase. I would tell you about my hilarious jokes but you’re all obviously coming to Bethnal Green on a Sunday to see us, so I won’t ruin it for you. Instead, I will tell you some of my favourite bits from the lessons we’ve had. Not the content, because what happens in comedy school stays in comedy school. But here are some of the bits I enjoyed the most.  

  1. This was actually a chance to get to know everyone better. Nothing bonds people more than sharing childhood trauma. All jokes aside, it was different to get to know people outside of the pressure of briefs and deadlines. 
  2. Being creative in another way was also pretty fun. I think for some of us that meant there was more pressure, for some of us that meant there was less. Either way it was a useful break from advertising for a bit.
  3. Writing the actual comedy. Don’t get me wrong this wasn’t easy. It was an extra deadline we had to juggle with all of the other things we had going on. I know a lot of us are still working on our juggling with this course. But it made you look at your different life experiences in a different light. In one of the first classes someone said that comedy could be therapeutic. I guess that’s how it would be.

Okay the next two aren’t really the same because they haven’t happened yet. But I guess this is what I’m looking forward to tomorrow

  1. Being backstage with everyone. I think there’ll be such a buzz and an energy while we’re all preparing. It’s the day before the next half of the term starts so I think it’ll be a good note to start New Blood preparation on. 
  2. Watching all of the performances. We were split into two groups for comedy. We’ve all been quite secretive about what we’re all talking about. There have been a few small comments about who’s funnier than expected or who’s writing is really good, but nothing more than that. It’ll be getting to know everyone all over again.
  3. Performing! Whether we were all super into it at the beginning or not, this showcase is going to be one tick for the bucket list.

See you all tomorrow!


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