Sell Them Crap, by @NicholasKugge

Nicholas Kugge






By Nicholas Kugge



Selling is an entertaining challenge but it seems most creatives run out of steam when they reach their

40s. Recently, a couple of people from the creative industry came over to our studio and all of them

shared the same feeling. A need to use their creative mind for something else than advertising,

something with a bigger purpose. I also feel this need to bring value to people’s life and fear that

advertising will not be creative enough. Couldn’t we use our creative potential to do good, while making

money at the same time? Unfortunately, it seems few clients share this perspective. Hence, it’s the role

of the creative people, the agency, to demonstrate the mutual benefits of such a strategy. But maybe

before turning into a Buddhist monk or breastfeeding pandas I shall sell one of the following.


Thou shalt sell a condom to the pope

Thou shalt sell oil to the Emirates

Thou shalt sell a hat to the queen

Thou shalt sell butt implants to Kim Kardashian

Thou shalt sell proper pants to Marc

Thou shalt sell earmuffs to Prince Charles

Thou shalt sell dignity to my landlord

Thou shalt sell a friend to mark Zuckerberg

Thou shalt sell online dating to Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Thou shalt sell running shoes to Oscar Pistorius


I assume there’s only you Marc reading this post, but if I’m wrong, well welcome, bienvenue,

willkommen and feel free to add any to the list.


Sell them crap - visual

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