Advertising isn’t important – By @beccimai27

Becci Ford

By Becci Ford


Advertising isn’t important


This process is like a drawn out interview. 

And as we end our 6th week, I’m realising that more and more.

There are a lot of buzzwords and motivational edgy phrases that get thrown around SCA everyday. 

Things like: 

“Good is the enemy of great”

“Kill your babies”

“Control your chimp”

And sometimes it can be all too easy to get lost in the buzzwords and forget about the core things that are actually important. 

At the beginning of the year we had agency visits and I met a creative who when asked what advertising meant to him he said “unimportant”. That has stuck with me and keeps me grounded when things get just a bit too stressful. 

Because it’s far too easy to get caught up in the bubble of SCA/advertising, after all it is such a fascinating and absorbing world it is hard to resist. But the more you get sucked in, the more you neglect those old university friends, you miss the pub trip on a Wednesday night, you play the guitar less, and you only bake once a week (probably a good thing for me!). 

And the more you become uninteresting/only make time for advertising related activities. It’s an interview into the industry so you constantly need to be top of your game and have to feel like you are chipping away at the concrete walls that surround your ad-land dream every day in order to make a dent in them.

This is when you need to bring it back to what this is really all about. Advertising is ultimately “unimportant” in the grand scheme of what really is valuable in life. 

I’m talking about the bread and butter – that makes up a human being. 

Working in advertising is all of this current intakes dream. 

But when put against: Family, friends, your health and the activities that you get joy from. 

It should be secondary. 

Because if you neglect the bread and butter, then where is the ham and lettuce supposed to go? 

Without your core, everything just falls into a mess and the advertising work that you do becomes meaningless and soulless.

Advertising is unimportant. 

If you don’t back it up with what makes you interesting.

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