Favourite piece of work done in the studio


By MOSH – The Record Breaking Intake of 2014/15


“Your favourite piece of work done by another team in the studio this year”


Charlie – teddy and Fraser mo money no money & Martin and Zoe – veet


Joel – Edwards Frank, Mikeys Mercedes election topical, and obv Endangered Soles


Elin – Tom Mannings Cass Art


Fiona – the Toothsaw thing from Frazer & Teddy obviously


Tom M – Give a shit.


Stephen – Joel’s Airbnb Streets, Frazer/Teddy/JT’s Endangered Soles.


James – Mannings Cass Art


Teddy- Martin and Zoe’s Veet and Clarissa & Georgia’s Dyno, but there’s many more


Clarissa-: larry and nathan yo sushi, joel and steven kalms.


Frazer – Larry and Nathan’s Bupa Wee can save your life


Dounia – Frazer, Teddy and JT’s Endangered soles and Martin and Zoe’s Veet.


Rob: Frazer’s LinkedIn profile picture, Manning’s Insecure bikes, Clarissa and Georgia’s Dyno Daddy, both of Joel’s D&AD’s, and Zoe and Mojo’s Whiskas


Marco: Larry and Nathan Bupa(Cannes), cass art manning, Joel air Bnb, Nissan from teddy and Frazer


Edwina: Endangered Soles and Airbnb Streets


Ben: Cravendale Bowls, Pets at home switcheroo, Joel’s scholarship entries, James’ smurf and nerf arduino project.


Ashley: A bench, made of ribs.


Georgia: Frazer and Charlie’s innocent smoothie campaign.


Alex M: Pizza photobooth


Adam Taylor-Swift: Endangered soles.


Mads: Honda R – the other side.


Shaun: Endangered Soles


Elin: Marc and Rob’s Cravendale had me cravin.


JT: Last ben and alex


Soren: GHD ed and lucy


Lucy: Pirate Bay Jeremy


Edward: Joel Ball Wall


Tom EB: Clarissa and Georgia Martin Speed


Nina: Air bnb alleyways


Mojo: Pets at home


Zoe: No Homework Day Ben and Alex


Eytan: Virgin Money Pensions teddy and frazer


Marcella: Audi JT and Dounia


Larry: Virgin Money Pensions Teddy and Frazer


Nathan: listening to benga on a boat whilst getting behind a younger.

Mickey: The simple yet pro

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