Dizzying and hope @ManonHede

By Manon Hede 

What a week, isn’t it?

Since the New York Times, through the investigative work of Jodi Kantor, Megan Twohey, and Ronan Farrow, released the accusations of dozens of women against Harvey Weinstein, the tongues have been loosened.

The American producer is accused of harassment and sexual assault by more than 20 actresses, actors, and other professions. Of course, as with every time women come forward to denounce their abuser, there are criticisms.

« Why didn’t they talk earlier? », « Why didn’t they file a complaint? »,  « If everyone knew, why didn’t anyone say anything? »

Men then spoke out, bringing their own testimonies of harassment and sexual assault.
Yeah, men too.
Evidence that these practices have nothing to do with seduction:
it is an act of domination, an abuse of power.
Brian Scully or even Terry Crew were victimized and talked about it through social networks.

I have been following Verino, a French writer, comedian, and humorist for 2 years.
Every week, he posts a video on his YouTube channel summarizing the week’s news.

Obviously, this week, the main topic was on Harvey Weinstein, a video called “Harvey Weinstein, influence and harassment. ».

Verino state an evidence: you can’t erase the slate of a murderer because he has talent.
And that’s what happened with Harvey Weinstein.

And history repeats itself with many other characters. In France, there is Bertrand Cantat, a singer of the famous music group “Noir Désir”

He beat his wife to death in 2003. Today he is at the head of the magazine Les Inrocks. (French magazine)

It’s polemical, fortunately.

Verino also speaks about the testimonies of many actresses, actors, politicians…

Simply to salute the courage of all those who dare to testify to the violence they have suffered.

« Women are not a trophy, not a loot you pick up when you have power.”

Florence Darel, actress, victim of Harvey Weinstein

The more they talk about it, the more they will be supported in their approach, and the more likely it is that shame will at last change sides, and that this violence will cease to be acceptable, to be ignored and not taken seriously, even when “everyone knows”.

Courtney Love in 2005:  « If Harvey Weinstein invites you to a party at the Four Seasons, don’t go.”

Verino concludes his speech by taking a little perspective: the more victims there are to talk, the more the aggressors will be afraid to act.
« The world is changing, » he says, and it feels good to feel this change finally happening in our society.

With this Harvey Weinstein story, women’s voices are free.
The hashtags #MyHarveyWeinstein in English and #balancetonporc in French (it’s like « snitch the pig ») never stop going back to the testimonies.

The scale of the problem is dizzying, and at the same time, the scale of the mobilization gives hope.


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