From SMP to FML – By @McNultyMovie

From SMP to FML

Another banging master class from Pete. 

Single Minded Propositions. 


I get it.  I’ve seen the light. 

Everything can be boiled down to a clear, concise, single minded proposition.

I can boil everything down to a concise, single minded proposition. 

For when you’ve eaten something you shouldn’t have. Alka Seltzer.

We’re number two, so we try harder.  Avis tries harder because they have to.

Clown proof. Audi cars are great at keeping you safe.

This must be easy street, because I’m walking on sunshine.

I’m just going to go next door and make a celebratory cup of tea.  Just a little brew because now that I’ve got it all figured out and the world is my oyster, I should really should mark the occasion. 

Then, I’m going to sit at my desk and let magic happen. 

I’ll single minded proposition all over the page.

All. Over. The. Page.

Umm, PG tips.  

Okay, time to crack on. 

Time to single minded proposition this bad boy up.








For when you’ve eaten something you shouldn’t have.

I’ll just look over my notes again. 

How did Pete put it?  What he said was a little clearer than what I’ve got here. 


Coco, for when you… that doesn’t work.

Coco, helps you… no, that’s a bit shit. 

Coco, it… hel… doe… for. 


Has the class been uploaded to the learning library? 



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