Interview Day Nuggets by @moshSCA2






By Mosh – The Intake of 2014/15


Interview Day Nuggets.


We’ve all been there and done it, and now we’re watching the next round of SCA hopefuls line up and take their shot on interview day.


Here is some wisdom and helpful insights from MOSH, to help you pull off a blinder when it comes to your moment in the pit.



Do something that we’re going to talk about for days to come. Like when Drew took his top off and had a fight with JT, then bit into a blood capsule getting blood everywhere… Cause a scene and be remembered.



To use a great advice from Steve Henry: “get the audience to do the marketing for you”… in other words let us be a part of your presentation. And don’t tell us about your cum.



Don’t worry about the presentation itself – focus on the content. If there is a focus, an idea that shows your way of thinking/tackling a problem you’re in a very good place. Don’t be afraid to come up with something that doesn’t exist yet – as long as you’re solving a problem for someone we will be impressed. When you come in don’t be intimidated by other people’s flashy presentations – they have little to no weight in the decision making process. Finally have fun : )



Be yourself. Show something only you would do and don’t be afraid if you feel like the weirdest person in the room.



Make it all about you. Be vulnerable. Let us poke around inside your head.



Don’t be afraid of rejection and you will have nothing to lose.



Never judge a school by its toilets.



As Dave Birss would say, Shock the f**k out of people!! Reading his book is also a good start.



Do something that you think might fail really badly.



Don’t be afraid of being different. The school is looking for new talents and personalities, not for a copy of copy.



It seems obvious, clichéd even, but just be yourself. Show what makes you different from the crowd. Your idiosyncrasies. Your passions. Your desires. Marc wants to see personality, not just creativity.



Tell a story. However you feel is best to show off your creativity, be it words, pictures, physical stuff or inflatable dolphins, make sure there is story behind it.



Have passion for whatever it is you are doing or talking about.



Try to avoid it if possible.



Don’t try to be funny for the sake of it. Your interview should be natural and honest.



Bring hash brownies. Then blow our minds.



If you have an idea of what to do, but it makes you feel slightly uncomfortable or scares you slightly, it’s probably the best route to take. be risky!



Be yourself and show how creative you are with an interesting, sticky funny presentation. Do the stuff you think “you can’t do”. Dare!



Make it rain.



Try not to be shy.

Show how much you want it. Don’t take no for an answer, if you think you deserve a place at the school then fight tooth and nail. Ask for another try. Prove Marc wrong. Try and eat something before you arrive. There will be shots.



Remember to enjoy yourself! (Eat breakfast as vodka shots aren’t good on an empty stomach).



Raw creativity is pointless without some meaning behind it. Try and use creativity to showcase your own skills and personality, not your own skills to showcase your creativity



Be honest and do something that really interests you, even if you think it might be slightly weird.



Don’t over do it. But make sure you do it!



Keep it simple. Don’t assume everybody is going to understand irony or be able to follow a sophisticated act. Be like Michael McIntyre and play safe for the big crowds.



Be cheeky.


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