60 SCA Facts You Need to Know, by @teddysouter


By Teddy Souter


60 SCA facts you need to know.

I’ve got 60 minutes to write a scab so here’s 60 facts about the place.

It’s the 2nd. The original school of communication arts was set up by John Gillard. Marc Lewis set up the other.


The studio is located on the fourth floor.


The staff that work downstairs are called Matt, Steve, Andy and Harsh-Patel. There’s also a sexy french girl who seems to be doing work experience here for some reason.


Matt is cool.


Steve is angry, but cool.


Andy is not cool.


Harsh-Patel is an avid collector of indian advertising and a Dr Who maniac.


The drip from the ceiling in the back room, isn’t piss it’s dirty water.


The studio used to be a club called the Mass.


The Victoria line always stops on it’s way to brixton for about 1.30 minutes, so bare that in mind when you’re commuting.


Ian Hands is the head of craft. He loves the Moomins.


There are four windows, two have been blocked.


Two gravestones are embedded into the walls.


One belonging to Evan Roberts who departed this life on the 26th of December 1832.


The spiral staircase was taken from a grade two list building in buckinghamshire.


There are are 4 CCTV camera’s no one knows who is behind them.


We spend 45 hours a week in here.


The team upstairs is made up of three lovely ladies, Hannah, Honor and Clare.


Honor went to bournemouth university and loves Haggis.


There is a pair of pants in a frame behind the stage belonging to Stephen Yeates.


There has never been a student from Fiji at SCA.


We have 5 artificial trees in the studio, as well as another painted on the wall.


There is a playground behind the school.


We have a fantasy premier league at SCA, which Pete Cain never wins.


There is big black D in the studio.


There are three white sails hanging from the ceiling.


The ceiling is black.


Twice a year we get Dominos.


Hannah uses cinnamon shampoo and it smells amazing.


We have 6 fire extinguishers, and one toaster.


The coffee machine is filled up by a man called Arnold.


There is a peep hole in the girls toilet (I’ve heard).


You have to press the floor number button in the elevator twice to get it going.


The wifi password is SCAWireless1.


Your printer password is your birthday in a 6 digit form.


We play football every monday at 4.30 pm.


There is a white board with daily questions on near the kitchen.


There are photos of the current students hanging on the wall like a serial killers bedroom.


The microphone here is terrible, get your own.


Rob the teacher is a Drum N Bass mastermind.


The floor of the kitchen is made of lego.


There is a french ad school that drops in every other wednesday.


There are two fridges called, Olaf and Yeti.


Nobody knows what’s behind the red curtain.


The tap in the mens toilet is the only one that works properly.


The coffee machine serves choco milk for 50p.


If you leave your mug out it gets smashed the next morning.


Some people travel the studio by skateboard.


The sainsburys meal deal is the pick of most students lunch choice.


Extensions leads and light boxes are gold dust.


In the event of fire exit via the two fire exit doors either side of the stage.


There are 16 hooks on the wall in the cloakroom.


There is no ‘of’ in the school webpage URL.


Joel made the table on the right side of the room.


The market house serves a pint of Amstell for £3 from 6 till 9.


The office sells sharpies for 50p.


Stomp your feet if you agree, don’t if you don’t.


We clap approximately 100 million times a year.


Marc doesn’t like being called Marcus.


We reflect every friday at 5.05.


If people aren’t downstairs by 9.30 am babies cry.


There is a mysterious scaffolding construction that is never going to go away.


A ghost roams the halls called Jimmini Billibob.


You’re lucky if you get in here.

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